Review: “Huda’s Salon”

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There’s something about going to a hair salon that many people find comforting. That feeling doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what hairstyle you’re going to try on a given day, but moreso with the sense of community that comes with regularly going to a place, seeing the same people, and being able to gossip with and confide in the person you’re trusting with your personal appearance. That light and breezy back and forth is evident in the opening scene of “Huda’s Salon,” in which Reem (Maisa Abd Elhadi), a young mother, goes to see Huda (Manal Awad) at her salon in Bethlehem for a simple haircut. But their easy and seemingly normal conversation about life and marriage and what sort of haircut Reem wants is cut suddenly short when Huda betrays her trust. Huda, having gleaned from their talk that Reem’s husband Yousef (Jalal Masarwa) is…

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