How to Make a Hummingbird Garden! (20 tips) — Bird Watching HQ

A hummingbird garden is the gift that keeps on giving!   Seriously, now that my hummingbird garden is established, it has very little maintenance. But as the flowers continue to grow and get bigger, I keep attracting more and more hummingbirds… 3,171 more words

How to Make a Hummingbird Garden! (20 tips) — Bird Watching HQ

Jason X – Movie Review

Slick Dungeon's Dusty Tomes and Terrible Films

Jason… in space…

Hello horror fans! It’s Friday the 13th once again and I’m here to review the outright weirdest of all Friday the 13th movies, Jason X. There will be spoilers in this review but at this point either you have seen this thing or you’re never going to. Still, you’ve been warned.

Jason Voorhees has been through a lot. He’s gone from a little boy who died in tragic circumstances, to the murderous maniac separating campers from their limbs in Crystal Lake, to the big apple New York City, and then all the way to hell. He’s been coming back from the grave for more in nine films and Jason X as the title implies is the tenth film.

The movie starts with a couple of people trying to cryogenically freeze Jason’s body. There’s a scientist there who wants to learn from the regenerative properties of Jason’s…

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Sea Turtles acrylic painting

Lara Brady: My Artwork

Acrylic on canvas. 36″ x 48″ I’m looking into various online venues for selling my artwork. In the meantime, I’m printing and stretching them myself. If you’re interested in an original reproduction of this piece, please email me at The reproduction will be a Giclee print with acrylic overpainting details. No two are alike and the size may be determined upon ordering.

Scroll down to see the steps I took to get this painting done.

Pencil sketch on the canvas

At this point I just want to get some paint on the canvas, to get over any “painters block” feelings. I always remember that if I don’t like it I can paint over it! Acrylic is a great medium for that because it dries so quickly.

Since the turtle on the right is not completely on the canvas, and not really the main focus, I was less stressed about…

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Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

Bobby Darin:

Bobby Darin was a unique talent who performed in the genres of rock and roll, pop, jazz, swing, folk, and country. Not only a singer, he was an adept songwriter who wrote for Connie Francis. In addition, he was an actor and political activist who worked on Robert F. Kennedy’s Democratic presidential campaign. Darin was at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles when RFK was assassinated.

Darin’s major hits were, “Splish Splash,” “Mack the Knife,” “Dream Lover,” and “Beyond the Sea.”

Darin spent most of his life in poor health and died in 1973 at the age of 37, posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. Furthermore, he has a star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Bobby Darin-Mack the Knife

Chris Jennings

Whereabouts Still Unknown

Chris Michael Jennings, age 16, went missing from Kootenai County, Idaho on September 7, 1980.

He had accompanied his family to the North Idaho State Fair, where they were showing pigs. Chris reportedly became bored and wanted to go home, and his parents didn’t object. His brother also went home. They fed their animals, then Chris headed to a party.. He was never seen again.

In the beginning, his family believed him to be a runaway, as he had been displaying rebellious behavior and was experimenting with alcohol and drugs. There were also family problems; his parents were headed for divorce and frequently argued.

After no word from Chris in the ensuing weeks, his family grew worried and reported his disappearance to the police. There wasn’t much of an investigation at the time, and his parents eventually gave up searching.

Over a decade later, Chris’ sister was startled to receive…

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This Day in History

May 20, 1969:

The battle for “Hamburger Hill” ends after 10 grueling days.

After 10 days and 10 bloody assaults, Hill 937 in South Vietnam is finally captured by U.S. and South Vietnamese troops. The Americans who fought there cynically dubbed Hill 937 “Hamburger Hill” because the battle and its high casualty rate reminded them of a meat grinder.

Located one mile east of the Laotian border, Hill 937 was ordered taken as part of Operation Apache Snow, a mission intended to limit enemy infiltration from Laos that threatened Hue to the northeast and Danang to the southeast. On May 10, following air and artillery strikes, a U.S.-led infantry force launched its first assault on the North Vietnamese stronghold but suffered a high proportion of casualties and fell back. Ten more infantry assaults came during the next 10 days, but Hill 937’s North Vietnamese defenders did not give up their fortified position until May 20. Almost 100 Americans were killed and more than 400 wounded in taking the hill, amounting to a shocking 70 percent casualty rate.

The same day that Hamburger Hill was finally captured, Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts called the operation “senseless and irresponsible” and attacked the military tactics of President Richard Nixon’s administration. His speech before the Senate was seen as part of a growing public outcry over the U.S. military policy in Vietnam. U.S. military command had ordered Hill 937 taken primarily as a diversionary tactic, and on May 28 it was abandoned. This led to further outrage in America over what seemed a senseless loss of American lives. North Vietnamese forces eventually returned and re-fortified their original position.

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