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Murdered in DC: The Case of the Freeway Phantom

Lost Souls of America

In April of 1971, 13 year old Carol Spinx was home alone with 3 of her 7 siblings- twin sister Carolyn, and older sister Evander. Their mother Alenteen was a single mom who was out visiting a friend, but the kids knew mom’s strict rules for when she wasn’t home- don’t open the door, don’t leave the house, stay put, behave, I’ll be back soon.

The girls had a 24 year old sister Valerie who didn’t live with them anymore, but was visiting a friend at a nearby apartment. Valerie came over and began pestering her sisters to run to the store for her, go pick up a few things. Eventually Carol said “she’s driving me nuts, I’ll go”, and she headed a couple of blocks away to the nearby 7-11.

Carol actually ran into her mother on the way to the store as she was walking home, so her…

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