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More winter hiking inspiration

Trekking Tess

How is it that I can chose to download geocaches to my Garmin GPSMap62s and old smart phone when I should really be packing and dressing for snow hiking? I asked myself this as I was an hour late to get out the door. I can’t even go geocaching, and I know that. There’s too much snow on the ground. According to the site, not a single mountain cache has been found in the last two weeks. Yet, there I was demanding my devices do what I want and would not leave before.

Finally got on the road. Looking toward the mountains it looks like my snow plans are nothing more than a pie in the sky.

Been a week since the Cloudcroft area got a foot of snow. I did some thinking about the possible snow depths and temperatures and instead of taking the insulated overalls I went with…

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Winter hiking day

Some motivation for us outdoors enthusiasts!


The real winter.

Hiking time. Seize those little moments of the day, even is they’re short, and do something go outside to: #hiking, #trekking, or for just a little #walk.

Enjoy #nature, be #sustainable, eat #healthyfood, drink water and be #mindfulness.

Be kind and have a great day.

And don’t forget, continuous learning, every day is a #learningday

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Winter Camping 101: Camping Equipment Essentials and Tips to Keep Warm and Safe

Another snowstorm heading my way! People are driving me crazy! This looks cold, yet so peaceful!

Great Adventurer Views

As we evolve, we keep relying on technology more and more to make our daily lives easier. Thanks to all the gadgets and the overall urbanization of our environment, almost all of us now tend to have a rather sedentary lifestyle. This can be quite risky to both our mental and physical health, so being aware and more active will definitely be beneficial. Any activity is advantageous, even if it’s deciding to walk to your job, going for a light jog or even taking out your pet. However, if you want to take a break from the modern world and reconnect with nature, the perfect activity would be outdoor camping.

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Winter Camping- why glamping is actually sort of cool

As a fan of the outdoors, I found this to be an interesting read…..

The Footslog Blog: My Journal Dedicated to Type Two Fun

Have I mentioned that one of my lifelong goals is to be living in a yurt?

Yep. The really unique tents that I associate with medieval warfare look like a a dream home to me.

Because I currently live in a “couched” situation, I find even my backpacking tent to be a desirable home, but for one that’s illegal (I think) and two, well, I think I might get a little cold in the winter. Now that being said, I have found myself mocking “glampers,” sarcastically addressing the concept with a little bit of a pompous air about me- because I believed that there was no point to it and thought there was no way to enjoy nature in this fashion because the “closeness” was somehow missing.

However, as I get older I find that most of my preconceived notions about things I’ve never done tend to unfurl before my…

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The Beauty of Winter Hiking

Motivation to get out there when it’s cold!


This past Christmas, I tried and completed my first winter hike. And if you’re a hiking enthusiast like me, then you should absolutely try hiking in the winter. While visiting my family for Christmas, I took the short drive up to Lake Placid in Upstate New York. Many people think New York City is the only highlight of New York State. And they are sorely mistaken. Up north are the Adirondack Mountains and home to some of the most beautiful views and hikes in the Northeast. Lake Placid is one of the most popular spots in the Adirondacks. It’s close to the High Peaks of NY and was home to two Winter Olympics, one being where the famous Miracle on Ice took place when team USA upset the Soviet Union in Hockey.

Up to that point, I only have done hikes in the summers and falls. Springs aren’t usually the…

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Winter Hiking Advice

Useful advice for winter hikers/outdoors enthusiasts.

from the other side

By: Julie Midura

𝐒𝐨 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐇𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫?

“This is stupid! I have no intention of dying up here just to bag another peak!” my husband Tom yelled in an attempt to be heard over the cacophony of howling wind and blowingsnow.

We were three tenths of a mile from the summit of 4,170 foot Mt. Cabot in the White Mountains of New Hampshire when nature unleashed 40 mile per hour winds and wind chills in the negative thirties. We waded through snowdrifts that were up to our thighs in an attempt to find any sign of a trail. All was lost in the endless sea of white.

Crossing Signal Ridge, Mt. Carrigain, NH

Tomand I were in the process of attempting to become members of the AMC 4,000 Footer Club by climbing all 48 four thousand foot mountains in the White Mountains. Although we had already climbed…

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Winter Hiking Is for the Rest of Us

It is possible (and therapeutic) to get out there this time of year!

I went winter camping for the first time this past weekend. It was really amazing, and yes, it involves a tent stove. This was not me against the elements on a snowy cliff with just a sleeping bag, food pellets, and a death wish.Warm food, fire and a comfortable bed were involved. I may be crazy, but I’m not that crazy. I will blog about it soon, but in the meantime. I’m reposting this piece from 2 years ago. You can enjoy it as uplifting encouragement to get outside in winter with minimal equipment. Or you could also view it as a dangerous gateway drug. I did those hikes 2 years ago and look at me now, camping in winter. Who knows where this will lead in 2 more years. Maybe a snowy cliff?

I was in New Hampshire earlier this week, primarily to cozy up to a fire…

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