Rough arrival – Watercolor by Carsten Wieland

Great job!


Here is another watercolor improvisation – painted loosely without any reference. My main interest was the movement of the sea, which hurled the old ship against the rocks of a rough coast. I had a lot of fun painting it and am happy with the result. For me, painting on these large sheets of Fabriano Ingres paper is a joy that I enjoy almost more than painting on more expensive paper. I just like the special textures that result because this paper is actually not ideal for watercolor painting. This is certainly not for everyone, but I love experimenting with different papers.

Hier ist eine weitere Aquarell-Improvisation – locker gemalt ohne jede Referenz. Mein Hauptinteresse galt der Bewegung des Meeres, die das alte Schiff gegen die Felsen einer rauen Küste schleudert. Das Malen hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht und ich bin mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden. Das Malen auf diesen…

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Those Icy Branches


Lucy's VisualFling

I really enjoyed today’s painting livestream with The Frugal Crafter.

Here is my first attempt trying iridescent watercolors. I did not have Inktense blocks, so I used my staining paints and VanGogh watercolor pencils for those parts. My watercolor white had pretty good opacity, but I had a white gel pen on standby.

I took some photos that day too, so I may give them a go now that I’ve tried this.

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Back to green

Another talented artist to share!

My journey into green with Paul Talbot Greaves continues with the second of our five assignments.

The focus of this assignment is tube greens or basically pre-mixed greens. Ahead of the course starting Paul indicated the colours that we’d be using on this course and, for the tube greens, they were Winsor and Newton Sap Green, Hookers Green and Viridian Green (or their nearest equivalent by other manufacturers)

I was fortunate that I already had all of these greens, though I only tend to use one of them, which is Viridian green which I carry in my sketching palette.

On the whole, I like to think that I should be able to mix all the greens I’ll ever need – but that’s why I also need this course, to help me to understand how I do that! Paul too acknowledged that tube greens can be a valuable shortcut, but they’re…

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Secrets To Creating Your Own Fabulous Grays In Watercolor.

Amazing work!

Lee Muir-Haman Watercolor Painting

There is no need to add purchased gray paints to your palette! In fact, grays and blacks that you can buy premixed to use straight from the tube can look flat, dull, boring. Yes, they’re convenient. But beautiful, not so much!


When you try to adjust the color of commercially mixed gray paint from a purchased tube, any intensity of the color tends to be lost. Since tube grays already contain red, yellow, and blue, whatever color you add can dull the color even more, making a muddy color very likely. Full strength, tube grays and blacks can be unnatural and look out of place.

Instead, mix your own grays, to create an unlimited variety of luminous grays that will harmonize with your painting. It’s fun! And mixing your own grays allows you to improve your paintings as you practice your color mixing skills.


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Winter Mood Watercolor


After the main part of the preparation for the FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 festival is done and my workshop in Hannover is over I had a bit more time to paint. I decided to paint this winter mood watercolor landscape as a warm-up. I have overdone it a bit at the end but I like the colors and the mood. Painted on Fabriano Ingres paper 150g, 50x70cm with Lukas Watercolor 1862 paints.

Nachdem der Hauptteil der Vorbereitung für das Festival FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 erledigt ist und mein Workshop in Hannover vorbei ist, hatte ich etwas mehr Zeit zum Malen. Ich habe mich entschieden, diese winterliche Aquarelllandschaft zum Aufwärmen zu malen. Ich habe es am Ende etwas übertrieben, aber ich mag die Farben und die Stimmung. Gemalt auf Fabriano Ingres Papier 150 g, 50 x 70 cm mit Lukas Aquarellfarben von 1862.

Celebrating winter in vivid watercolors! The Watercolor Season Series is complete with…

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Patience: Not my Strong Suit

I’m an impatient person. It runs in the family. Thanks, Dad! I would rather bull my way through something as opposed to taking the time and getting it right. Im apt to throw in the towel long before giving something a reasonable attempt. I’m even getting impatient figuring out how to end this paragraph!

I have been getting into jazz music lately. A drummer myself, I have always greatly admired and watched in amazement the jazz drummer. Why am I not a jazz drummer? You guessed it.

Recently, I have decided that I am going to go all the way back to square one and learn the art of jazz drumming. I have been giving it a legitimate try, and have figured out it may be okay if I don’t turn in Max Roach overnight. Or at all! The smart money is on the latter.

I have learned that the one glaring similarity between jazz drumming and the styles I have primarily played is that one hits a set of drums with a stick. Man, jazz music goes against everything I have trained my mind to think and how I have asked my limbs to react! What do you mean my left hand doesn’t have to hit the snare drum on the exact beat I close the hi-hat with my left foot??? You want me to alternate the two? Holy hell!

It’s been a rush, and I am learning (slowly) to enjoy the process of trying something new. I’m taking my time. Carnegie Hall is not calling me anytime soon! But I AM improving!

So I’ll keep plugging away at it. And who knows? Maybe I CAN learn photography without having to be Ansel Adams. Perhaps I can dabble in landscape painting without feeling I should rival Bob Ross.

But for now, back to drumming. Time for a happy little swing beat.

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