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Farewell Oil Painting; Hello Watercolor, My Old Friend — Jana Bouc, Artist

The watercolor paintings in this post are from 10-20 years ago. I haven’t been posting new work for several months because I got stuck working on one oil painting, overworking, reworking, starting over, rinse and repeat. I’ve also became sensitive to solvents…

Farewell Oil Painting; Hello Watercolor, My Old Friend — Jana Bouc, Artist

The Night Watchman – Watercolour

jo fox - adventures in art

This week I decided to try to paint something quite quickly since I’m still unwell. So I painted this forest scene with no sketching, no planning (except some planning in my head) and three brushes –

  • a hake brush for the background wash (this is a big flat brush which is great for covering big areas).
  • an old mop brush for the undergrowth and bushes (this is a scruffy blobby fat little brush which is great for textures).
  • a rigger for the trees (this is a brush with really long thin soft bristles and is great for drawing lines).

I painted a graded wash for the background going from a French Ultramarine (dulled with a tiny bit of Payne’s Grey) through a Winsor Blue (with a hint of Phalo blue) to Paynes Grey (with a tiny bit of Phalo blue as well.)

Then, once it was dried I added some…

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How to Paint a Watercolor Galaxy

Allison Marie

Hello friends!

Today’s post is a fun little art lesson for one of my favorite things to paint -galaxies! I’m hoping to make an entire watercolor video course one day, but… that has to wait until after my wedding. Heh. Meanwhile, I thought I’d try out a written format with photos. Let me know what you think!

Enjoy some art therapy! 🙂

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Riverbend Reflections – Watercolor by Carsten Wieland


This was an easy and almost effortless watercolor painting. I like to paint trees and their reflections because they are always a great practice for loose brushstrokes. 🙂

Dies war eine einfache und fast mühelose Aquarellmalerei. Ich male gerne Bäume und ihre Reflexionen, weil sie immer eine großartige Übung für lockere Pinselstriche sind. 🙂

Watercolor is my passion! And I like to share my fascination for this wonderful art-medium with you in my books and tutorials – now available for Kindle!!!

No matter if you choose „Watercolor:Workshop Volume 1“, „Watercolors in Minutes Volume 1“, „Sunflower Your Life! – The Sunflower Workshop“ or my tutorial series “Watercolor Seasons” – all of these are dedicated to a modern and vivid approach to watercolor painting – with loads of step-by-step practices full of splashing watercolor fun!

All books and tutorials are now available for Kindle, and I am already working on the next…

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