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18 Miles

18 miles to go

There, an encampment awaits us

Swarming with men who have differing points of view

It’s the potential setting of my demise

But I don’t really know that

I never do

I just march

Because I’m told

The consequences of not marching far outweighs what is in store for us there

Mile after mile I envision it

My ending

I shouldn’t do so

It just tears my stomach raw

But I can’t help it

I fret for my commrades

Whom I’ve known for mere months

Their existence in my life a meager fraction

Of my total days

Letters written

Painting an auspicious depiction

No need to worry them

Any more than they already are

My one hope

Is that my words of promise

Bestow a surplus of comfort

Shall these be my final 18 miles

Heroes of Hill 488

Incredible bravery and a great read. Thank you for sharing.

CherriesWriter - Vietnam War website

You can listen to this article on Spotify by clicking this link:

A recon team of 16 Marines and 2 Navy Corpsmen were wreaking havoc upon enemy soldiers in the valley below by calling in artillery and airstrikes. When they were discovered, the enemy sent a battalion of soldiers to kill everyone on the hilltop. Read how it all played out.

By Lt Col Michael Christy (USA) Ret.

During the Vietnam War, one of the 1st Marine Division’s primary area of operation was the southern two provinces of I Corps – Quang Tin and Quang Ngai, located in the southern portion of South Vietnam’s I Corps Military Region. Astride the boundary between Quang Nam and Quang Tin provinces is the populous, rice-rich Que Son Valley, considered as strategically important in controlling South Vietnam’s five northern provinces. For that reason, it was a principal focus for the Marines in I…

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Pearl Harbor: Japan’s Biggest Gamble | WWII In The Pacific | Timeline — My Popcorns

I think when my Revolutionary War kick is over, I may dive into this time period.

On December 7, 1941, Japan gambled all and bombed the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour on Hawaii. In the following months, Japanese forces rampaged across Asia, humiliating America and her allies. It looked as though she was unbeatable. But then America fought back. The War in the Pacific launched an entirely new form of…

Pearl Harbor: Japan’s Biggest Gamble | WWII In The Pacific | Timeline — My Popcorns