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View From the Mountaintop

Oh, the view from my mountaintop

Exquisite and grand

Satisfying to say the least

The valley below under my feet

My little three room oasis at my back

Breakfast on a rock

Just off the front porch

Neighbors are the songbirds that dare live so high

Blue sky and subtle white clouds at eye level

Bow a little to see lush green

The snow up here is a little deep

The wind a little abrasive

But that’s okay

Seven short steps to my fireplace

That sweet fragrance of burning wood

Crackling as it performs its duty

I’ll do a little writing today

Maybe head out later for a nature photo shoot

Perhaps I’ll paint the distant mountains beyond

Or author a new tune on my acoustic

Definitely get in an afternoon siesta

Lots of choices and opportunities today

Just like yesterday

And tomorrow

And the day after