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Recently missing: Hunter Lewis 

The missing 43

What were your childhood passions? Hunter Lewis had many passions. He loved to surf, rockclimb and play guitar. He had already gotten his pilot and scuba diving licenses. He also loved treasure hunts. He was a student, who was studying areospace engineering, hoping one day that he would get to work for NASA.

For the past two years he had been working on putting together his own treasure hunt for his friends and family to participate in, his father said. He wanted it to be “epic.” He even set up an Instagram account for this search and a fictional backstory for the event: that an old relative had left behind a treasure.

“’He started [the hunt] by sending us a letter saying that we have this family inheritance that we don’t know about, that we have a lost family treasure along this coastline,’ Corey Lewis said. ‘He was…

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Don Henry & Kevin Ives — Unresolved Deaths

Background:  In the pre-dawn hours of August 23, 1987, a seventy-five car, 6,000 ton cargo train made its regular night run to Little Rock, Arkansas. The train was over a mile long and was traveling at a speed of fifty-two miles per hour. 1,696 more words

Don Henry & Kevin Ives — Unresolved Deaths

The Disappearance of Bianca Piper

Stories of the Unsolved


Bianca Noel Piper was born as the youngest of three girls on December 26, 1991. Her parents, Shannon Tanner and David Piper, divorced in 1993, and David moved to Fredericktown, Missouri to work as a truck driver. Shannon began dating a man named Jim Felt, and in October 2004 they moved with Bianca and her siblings to Foley, Missouri.

Bianca was diagnosed with ADHD and severe bipolar disorder at a young age, conditions for which she was hospitalized. As a result, she suffered mood swings, periodic anxiety attacks, aggressive tendencies and issues with self-control. She was to take several medications on a daily basis, and when on them it was difficult to tell she struggled with her mental health. However, when off them, she became disoriented and had hallucinations.

At the time of her disappearance, she was an eighth-grader at Winfield Middle School who loves horses, Barbie and the colour…

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Missing in Massachusetts: The Case of Neo Maximus AKA Charlie Allen Jr.

Lost Souls of America

Charlie Malcom Allen Jr. was born April 26 1985 in Haverhill Massachusetts to parents Ann and Charles Sr. He was the oldest of 3 kids and was particularly close with his sister Brittany. The family spent most of their time shared between their Haverhill home, and their summer home in Gloucester. He graduated from Haverhill high in 2003 and went on to attend University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth where he was majoring in Psychology and considering medical school after graduation. 

Growing up, Charlie was always smart enough to do well in school without even trying. He was also athletic and outgoing, making him successful in almost anything he tried. His parents say that he put his whole heart into everything he did- if he was going to do something, he was going to be the best at it.

Two of Charlie’s many talents were Tennis, and video gaming. Now I’m…

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Gerald, you did it

The trifecta plus one

Just six weeks old

All because you had enough

You thought you could obliterate them

Like they never existed

The world knows you did it

Your actions indefensible

Ah, but that technicality

It’s saved you, Gerald

Only in this country could a savage such as you escape

Gerald, you did it

You’re actually living the high life

But are you?

How’s your neck feel, Gerald?

From watching your back

Remember your former extended family?

The ones you caused great anguish?

They’re still hurt, Gerald

And they’re angry

Do you know what happens to anger and hurt that festers for decades?

It generates determination


They’re not going away, Gerald

They’re coming for you

And if the one technicality that is your lifeline ever erodes…….

The Missing Jan Cotta


The Missing
Jan Andre Cotta
Case #: (NCMEC) 1005685
Monmouth County

Jan Andre Cotta was 19 years old and 5-7 months pregnant when she was last seen at her family’s home in Wall township, New Jersey on June 26, 1973. Jan is a white female, 5’4” and 125 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes and has a mole near the left side of her mouth. She was last seen wearing blue Land Lubbers brand jeans, a white shirt with a blue design on it, brown loafers, and she was carrying a round tweed purse. She was also wearing a plain gold ring with the initials “JAC” and a gold ring set with a blue topaz birthstone and two diamonds. Her date of birth is listed as 03/26/1954. Jan may go by the alias name Jane Andrea Cotta. She is asthmatic and may also have epilepsy. She suffered temporary hearing…

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Current Missing Children • Re: NH Police searching for Harmony Montgomery, 7, missing since 2019 — True Crime Society

There’s a presser at 4pm … s/38657076Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalkstatistics: Posted by khaleeexi — 25 minutes ago

Current Missing Children • Re: NH Police searching for Harmony Montgomery, 7, missing since 2019 — True Crime Society

The Disappearance of Christina Calayca

Stories of the Unsolved


Christina Calayca was born on December 19, 1986 to Elizabeth Rutledge and Mario Calayca. According to those who knew her, she was bubbly and hard-working, and was a natural leader. She consistently put others before herself, was devoted to her family, and had an incredibly contagious laugh and smile.

Christina resided in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood, and after graduating from George Brown College with an Early Childhood Education certificate obtained a job at St. Bernadette’s Day Care, located beside D’Arcy McGee Catholic School. She was also a leader in Youth for Christ and volunteered with an affiliated youth ministry.

At the time of her disappearance, Christina wanted to travel to the Philippines to conduct missionary work, after which she was planning to return to school and attend teacher’s college.


On August 5, 2007, Christina embarked on a camping trip to Rainbow Falls Provincial Park with…

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110. The Murder of Annie Le — Bright College Years — The Prosecutors Podcast

Five days before her wedding, Yale doctoral student, Annie Le, vanished from the Ivy League campus. Rumors swirled that she was a runaway bride–that is–until her decomposing body was found stuffed into the walls of the famed university. Sources: Crime and Safety in New Haven by Annie Le: Sponsors:Felix Gray […]

110. The Murder of Annie Le — Bright College Years — The Prosecutors Podcast

The Worst Christmas Massacre — Morbid N’ Macabre™️

I will never understand this case isn’t better known. 47 year old Ronald “Gene” Simmons was single handedly responsible for this 1987 Christmas Massacre. It is the worst family annihilator case in the US, though he killed more than just family… 850 more words

The Worst Christmas Massacre — Morbid N’ Macabre™️