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The Disappearance of Nguyet Thu “Wiki” Phung

Stories of the Unsolved


Nguyet Thu “Wiki” Phung was born on September 18, 1971 in Vietnam. Around 1975, she and her family immigrated to the United States, as her parents wanted to escape the country’s communist takeover. They, Nguyet and her five siblings settled in Snohomish County, Washington.

According to those who knew her, Nguyet rarely went by her first name and would, instead, present herself as “Thu”, her middle name, even in her school yearbooks.


Nguyet was last seen leaving her parents’ apartment in Lynnwood, Washington on May 9, 1991. She’d planned to study at Shoreline Community College, before going to her clerical job at the Federal Building in Seattle, Washington, as was her regular routine.

According to one missing persons poster about her case, she was last seen at the library on the University of Washington campus. It should be noted, however, that this is the only source to…

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UNSOLVED: The murder of Brandon Polegato (2021) – Halifax, NS — True Crime Canada

Brandon Polegato, 26, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds in the hallway of an apartment building on Washmill Lake Drive on Feb. 7, 2021. 179 more words

UNSOLVED: The murder of Brandon Polegato (2021) – Halifax, NS — True Crime Canada

Barbara Blount

L.R. Gordan's Crime Writing

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In the spring of 2008, a 58 year old woman named Barbara Blount was living a seemingly ordinary and peaceful life in Holden, Louisiana, a small town in Livingston Parish. She taught Sunday school at a local church and although she had been a widow for four years, she had several family members still living nearby and with whom she spent much of her time. Her adult son and daughter, Ricky and Kristie, lived along the same rural road as their mother. Her sister Sarah also lived in town, and Barbara frequently drove Sarah to her medical appointments. She had at least one nephew, Raymond, who lived nearby as well. She kept chicken and cattle on her property, and was generally described as a cautious and quiet person. She liked to work outdoors on her farm, collect dolls, and host regular dinners for her family members at…

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Valentine’s Day Special: LOVE GONE WRONG

Lost Souls of America

For Valentine’s Day, we here at Lost Souls of America wanted to try something a little bit different- a special episode where we share three stories with you about love gone wrong! One small thread that all of these cases have in common is that the family and loved ones of the victims all seem to look back and point out the red flags in these relationships. Behaviors that were controlling, possessive, secretive, manipulative, and just plain twisted. In some cases they expressed concern, but no one was ever fully able to pull these couples apart before it had deadly consequences.  

These cases are all solved, but if you tune into Episode 13 of the Lost Souls of America podcast, Amelia will be telling you more about a current open investigation- Lauren Smith Fields. Please do listen to her story, and share often.

Our first story begins with a woman…

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The Unsolved Murder of Annie and Metro Zurawell

Melanie Cole

The Home of Annie and Metro Zurawell – Regina Leader-Post April 13, 1938

November 12, 1933

It was Sunday, and much like every other Sunday, Mrs. Annie Dutcheshen got her children ready and took them to visit her parents, Annie and Metro Zurawell, on their farm about five and a half miles south of Veregin, Saskatchewan.

A gruesome sight awaited them. The farmyard was eerily quiet on their arrival and when Mrs. Dutcheshen entered the small farmhouse she found her parents dead, lying on the floor in the kitchen. Metro was on his back, shot in the head and chest, Annie was face down and seemed to have made an effort to get to the door before she died from her own gunshot wound to the chest. The house had been ransacked, including a trunk in the bedroom, and someone had attempted to set the house on fire. The bed…

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Judy Wardrip

L.R. Gordan's Crime Writing

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It was a chilly December evening and Janet Wardrip was nearing the end of her long drive home. For Janet, “home” meant the family-owned and operated Bethany Motel founded by her father and currently managed by herself and her younger sister, Judy. Judy had been running things all day while Janet attended a photography class in Kansas City, almost 90 miles south and west of Bethany. Janet and Judy were the only regular motel employees, and Janet planned to relieve Judy for the night as soon as she returned. When she reached the motel around 10:00 pm, she saw that Judy’s car was in the parking lot. However, as soon as Janet went inside, it became obvious that something was wrong. There was no sign of Judy or her dog, a female Lhasa Apsu named Moppet. Neither of the women left the motel for any length of…

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The Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse

Stories of the Unsolved

*This article was used as the basis for the 56th episode of John Lordan’s Seriously Mysterious podcast.*


Jennifer Joyce Kesse was born on May 20, 1981 to parents Drew and Joyce Kesse. She was the oldest of two children, and is said to have been best friends with her little brother, Logan.

The pair grew up in Tampa, Florida, and Jennifer is described as having been an adventurous dynamo with a thirst for knowledge. She had the ability to light up a room, and was extremely loyal to her friends. Jennifer was also very cautious, a trait her parents instilled in her and her brother from a young age. This was due to the fact they’d been held up at gunpoint years before in New Jersey.

Jennifer graduated from Vivian Gaither High School in Tampa before attending the University of Central Florida, where she was a member of the…

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Governor Newsom Announces Rewards for Four Unsolved Crimes — San Bernardino American News

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced four $50,000 rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of unsolved murders in Fresno, San Pablo, Visalia and unincorporated Butte County. California law authorizes the Governor to offer rewards in certain unsolved cases for information leading to apprehension of the perpetrators. Law enforcement […]

Governor Newsom Announces Rewards for Four Unsolved Crimes — San Bernardino American News