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Ukraine Landscapes

The Eclectic Light Company

Ukraine is part of the heart of the origin of much of European and Asian culture. It forms the western part of the Pontic Steppe, seemingly endless grasslands to the north of the Black Sea, between the Danube and Ural River. It was here in the early Bronze Age that the ancestor of many of our languages, Indo-European, developed and spread across much of Europe, northern Asia, and lands down to the Indian sub-continent. With it came domestication of the horse and, most probably, the first specialised wheels. Among the Indo-European family of languages are English, Ukrainian and Russian.

As with many of the lands in this part of the world, Ukraine has been divided between neighbouring empires, including those of the Polish monarchy and the Russian empire. Despite that, a distinctive Ukrainian culture has flourished, and in painting is represented by predominantly religious art for holy sites of theā€¦

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