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The wolves are out

An all too common theme

The pack is strong tonight

One begins to howl

The others are sure to follow

The bark is mere talk, almost gossip with little substance

They hunt together

Overpowering their prey

Feasting on the weak and mild

Never alone do they confront a victim

They’re too cowardly for that

Their silence at that moment is deafening

Ah, the American wolf…….

Infesting our businesses and workplaces from coast to coast

Fight or Flight

I despise you

You’re a cancer to me and everyone around you

Toxicity in epic proportion

I’m livid with you

How could someone do that?

Act the way you do?

You think you’re above the consequences?

That the rules don’t apply to you?

I’m going to address this

I’ve been silent for way too long

You’re going to be shocked when I come out of my shell

It’s going to be a relief to let it all out

If only I had the nerve

I have a hard shell

It’s quite secure in there

Confrontation is something I avoid well

It’s a well learned behavior

I choose flight

I think instead I will choose to seethe quietly all alone

I have more room inside to let this fester some more

You go ahead about your day and continue to provoke my rage

I promise I won’t bother you