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Were You Real?

Were you real?

I’m fairly certain you existed

Perhaps you still do


Hours, days, years

They seem never ending

While they happen

But they’re merely a blip

Did they really happen?

To me

Or am I fostering someone’s else’s memories?


It was over

Despite a good run

My heart no longer fluttered

Not in her direction, anyway

My affection led me astray

Into the arms of a new beloved

Demanded my burning attention

It was the right path

At that time

Ah, time

The undefeated and unbeatable arch nemisis

Time always proves to be correct

It points out that fluttering hearts change over time

Or that we neglect the warning signs at that moment of clear decision

Signs that may not be seen for years

But they will emerge

And once again, time will point its accusatory finger at you


Flaunting its perfect record

And you’ll be left picking up the pieces

Until next time


Heroes suffer

Sometimes just as painfully as you and I

Cracks of wear and tear line their face

Illness riddles their body

Renders them a shell of their former self…….

Heroes end up in hospital beds

In states of confusion

Not a care in the world

Not knowing who you are

Or their impact on your life…….

Heroes have faults

Many of them

Even though they were masked when you were impressionable

Hardly takes away from their heroic status

That they once held…….

Heroes are not immune to time

The undisputed and undefeated villain

When it grabs a hold of them

I wonder if the real victims are us

Those who looked up to them

Witnessing them going out this way…….

Heroes do die

All of them

As unfathomable as it once seemed

Many decades ago…….

Heroes live on

Long after they’re gone

In stories, moments of reminiscence

In how you live your life

Living with their example in mind

Maybe one day to be the hero yourself