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The Last Weeb

Plenty of Popcorn

Step aside children, your elder cometh through. I’m speeding towards the age where I’ll be lecturing youths on how things used to be. Remember pre-2016? What an era. And box office weekends? What a time. But were these days really as good as I remember or was that just the haze of inexperience? As usual, Netflix comes charging in with the answer and has uploaded a fresh crop of 21st century gems – like The Last Samurai. Take note, young people! This is the kind of movie – painstakingly sculpted with first class cinematography, music, story, and design – that would show up at the Oscars and not win a damn thing. Why? Because 2003 had even better movies on the menu and that was the year The Return of the King founded a religion. Still, The Last Samurai deserves its legacy and I will happily explain why…

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