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Would A Chimp Do this?

Fulfilling my goal for proving our great ape friends may indeed be more advanced than the human being. It’s really not all that close.

Bad Driving Tip #7

Incompetent and Insane Drivers:

Welcome to my personal rant that gets me fired up traveling to and from work, and really, anywhere in between.  I struggle with other people sharing my roadways.  Thanks Dad!  In an effort to not take part in a road rage incident, I’ve decided to express my frustrations in a healthier manner.  Right here.  For you.

Person A:  You won’t be happy until you are the only person driving out there.

Me:  How do we make that happen?

Offense:  Getting confused at a four-way intersection

Tip:  Don’t get confused at a four-way intersection

It’s really not that difficult.  The car(s) that were at the intersection before you get to go before you.  You do not get to cut ahead.  This was addressed at the recess line in kindergarten.  If you haven’t learned this by now, you shouldn’t be driving.  Or getting to go outside for recess.

Nor is this the time to be extra courteous and wave drivers through who got to the intersection 30 seconds after you.  For some reason, the four-way is confusing enough.  Extra courtesy just muddles it up further.  Plus, you’re ticking off the pile of drivers that have now gathered up behind you.

An Extra Tip (because we’re near the holidays and I’m feeling extra giving):  If there is any confusion as to who was actually at the intersection first, like any confusion at all, and the other driver waves you through, for the love of God, please GO!  Do not turn this into the Courtesy Awards and wave them through instead.  You already know what will happen.  Both of you will go at the same time, creating that awkward situation where you both must hit the brakes and look foolish in the middle of the intersection.  Just go.  It’s fine to give a thankful little wave as you go.  But go.


People have been given their chance

A golden opportunity

For centuries and centuries

To get it right

To do what’s expected of them

Time and time again…….

They fail


More prevalent now than ever

No, people have had their chance

It’s time for something else to get an opportunity

Time for new blood

Take the cover off the barrel

Let the chimps out