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Early Spring Adventures

Here’s something that gives us hope for spring around the corner!

Current Angler

Spring is on its way. I can feel it in the humid morning air and hear it in the chirping spring peepers. The true sign of spring, though, is the stocking trucks beginning their seasonal journey around the state to dump their garish cargo into roadside lakes and rivers. It takes a while before the trucks reach me here in northern Massachusetts, but plenty of other fishing opportunities abound before they arrive.

The ice has finally thawed on most of the ponds around my area, and where it remains, it will be gone with the next round of warm temperatures and rain. I was finally able to get out for an open water fishing excursion over the week, opting to try a small pond on account of the short time I had.

With a spinner tied on my freshly respooled line, I plied the pond’s waters, hoping for the first…

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