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There’s a little log cabin in Montana

It’s out there somewhere


Simply waiting

Like heaven on earth

Rolling hills cascading all the way to the mountainside

Porch faces west

The sun channels its inner Picasso every single night

Performs its masterpiece

This could be Wyoming

Or Idaho

Or even here in my county

It doesn’t matter

It’s there


I dream about it often

In this dream, she’s there


She has to be; one cannot go without the other

Without her, it’s just an old empty house

Lonely and void of significance…….

There’s a loveseat for two

Her hand in mine

Glass of wine for her; a cold one for me

If I died right here with my hand entwined in hers, I couldn’t complain…….

This dream will take time

But all dreams do

A lot of obstacles will test our patience, our commitment, our love

They will pop up from time to time between now and then

Their magnitude may seem great

But they will be defeated

These hurdles are mere thoughts that cast our own doubts

They can be worn down over time in the face of real, genuine love

We will remain vigilant

We only need to recite these last three lines when these harmless, potent less thoughts attempt to bear fruit…….

The dream is still a dream

But one day, when our love has earned its rightful place in this little old log cabin

In the perfect valleys of Montana

We will look each other in the eyes and know it was all worth it


Ah, to find my soulmate

That one person in the universe

A guarantee of forever bliss

In a world otherwise bleak and tragic

Why wouldn’t I want to find my soulmate?

And spare myself the heartbreak and grief

Misery and sadness

That is sure to accompany me for not finding mine

If only

If only the very idea of a soulmate were possible……..

But, alas, it is not

It does not exist

And if it did, most would obliterate this supposed greatest gift

Perhaps, after all, one’s greatest gift is that there are no soulmates

Rather, abundant chances for real love

True love

My girl and I are not soulmates

Far from it

Our story resides far, far away from Hollywood

But you see, the very idea of a soulmate and Hollywood are made for each other

They’re fairytales, fictional

What we have is far more real

The longing to connect and love

Regardless of our circumstances

It doesn’t matter what tomorrow holds

Or next week, next year

We share a burning desire to learn how to love each other

Every single day

That feeling is authentic

Powerful and unmistakable

It is a fire in our bellies that a soulmate cannot provide

It’s exactly what I’m after

Hollywood can have its “happily ever after”

I want this