Winter Hiking: The Do’s and Don’ts

I’m not sure why I haven’t done more hiking in the winter. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot this winter.

Global Wanderlust

“When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds”

Takayuki Ikkakn

Winter doesn’t seem like an ideal time to get exercise, right? The ground is slippery, the air is chilly, and all the snow is falling off the branches and inside your jacket. Well, I can agree that it’s not as easy to step outside, but with a few additions to your gear, you’ll be crestfallen on the days you can’t head outside!

Here are some general tips for hiking in winter :

  • Start the hike early to avoid hiking back in the dark (since days are shorter)
  • Measure your pace. It typically takes longer to hike in the winter, due to obstacles such as ice and snow, so plan accordingly.
  • Have a paper map. It is easy to lose track of the trail, and you shouldn’t rely on your phone.
  • Bring more food and…

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Winter Hiking Essentials

Winter conditions offer the year round hiker incredible rewards! Here are some tips if you do decide to go.

Immersive Traveller

So you’ve been hiking in the summer, and now you’re wondering how to transition this into an all-year hobby. While many aspects of hiking remain similar from season to season, there are a number of additional considerations for winter hiking.

First are closures. Many roads in Kananaskis close between December and May, so make sure you do a little extra research before hiking to ensure your hike is accessible in the winter months. With this research it is also a good idea to check recent posts or comments from other hikers (AllTrails often has an up-to-date comment section). Read up on the recently reported trail conditions before you head out to the mountains.

Second, daylight. The daylight hours are considerably fewer in the winter months, and the sun will disappear even quicker in the mountains. Give yourself plenty of time to get off the trail before sunset. You may also…

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Another oil painting completed.

I love oil landscapes. I wish I was able to do this, but, alas, it’s going to be well out of reach for my creative talents. At least I get to appreciate other’s art.


I completed my oil painting which was going on for some time now. I painted it step by step in layers, taking pictures along the way. Click here to see the initial sketch,underpainting,the step by step process and now I proudly present to you the complete oil painting.

Oil on canvas

It took me around 2-3 months to complete this one and I have one more exciting painting which is currently on the back burner as I’m just not able to make time for it. Do check it out if you want to see something really awesome shaping up.

I also do a lot of watercolor paintings in case you want to check it out and if you liked my art, then please don’t forget to like, and subscribe to my blog.


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Natural landscapes: the flowing winter water

Stunning landscape photos



Early winter is the best time to capture beautiful Rocky Mountain rivers like this, before they’ve almost totally frozen over. I was blessed to find this viewpoint from a bridge crossing the river near Lake Louise. There was very little colour in this scene, so it was an easy decision to go black-and-white. That said, here’s the colour version for comparison:
Nikon D7100, tripod, polarizing filter

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Want to buy this picture? Email me and I’ll make it happen! (

Check out my coffeetable book “BLUE SYMPHONY: Winter in the Canadian Rockies”:

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