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Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

The Platters:

The Platters were formed in 1952.  They were arguably the most successful of the 50s vocal doo wop genre that exploded in the decade and continued through the early 1960’s.  The group has gone through a plethora of members, however, the “classic” or most successful line-up consisted of Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, founder Herb Reed, and Zola Taylor.  As lead tenor, Williams possessed the voice of an angel.  The Platters charted with several hits, including, Only You (And You Alone), The Great Pretender, You’ve Got the Magic Touch, My Prayer, Twilight Time, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and Harbor Lights

The Platters-Twilight Time

The Platters routinely get the nod when I feel like slow dancing cheek to cheek with my girl, as well.

The Platters-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes


I remember your old cape at 3 Sycamore

I dream about it often

It permeates my thoughts when things are too much

It’s where I fell in love with the radio

The hours I would spend listening while sprawled about

Elvis, Buddy Holly, the Platters; I still get the chills when I hear those songs

It’s where I became Jim Rice, hitting countless tennis balls into the street; You saw every home run through the big glass window

It’s the particular fragrance upon entering that provided indisputable evidence I was there; I can still smell it in my mind today

Food was always plentiful, much more than any boy in the third percentile would ever need

The ice cream that was always in high supply in the garage freezer; You called it the “Three Kinds”

You can still have the strawberry

It was here that I spent most weekends during my formidable youth; from ages seven to about thirteen

Before sports, hanging with the guys, and, later on, girls, took me away

At the time I had not one inclination how incredibly fortunate I was or how much I would long to go back to those precious few moments

Freeze frame for innocent youth time does not

Life can be incredibly cruel that way

I don’t get down that way much anymore; when I do, I take a quick detour to 3 Sycamore and allow myself to be that kid once again

A Perfect Friday Night

You, me; My comfy couch; Lights dimmed to next to nothing

Life is simple when you’re here; We need not partake in anything extravagant;

Watch the cat entertain herself with whatever she digs out from under the kitchen hutch;

Cold beverages at our beck and call; 50’s doo wop playlist in the background; Your head, my shoulder; Small circles while standing in place in the middle of the room

A perfect Friday night