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Natural landscapes: the flowing winter water

Stunning landscape photos



Early winter is the best time to capture beautiful Rocky Mountain rivers like this, before they’ve almost totally frozen over. I was blessed to find this viewpoint from a bridge crossing the river near Lake Louise. There was very little colour in this scene, so it was an easy decision to go black-and-white. That said, here’s the colour version for comparison:
Nikon D7100, tripod, polarizing filter

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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Taking Flight Over The Safari — Nick West Photography

Another favorite photographer of mine, Nick West, who is in England. Nick takes the most amazing black and white photos. Please check him out!

Taking flight over the safari. In Kenya during the summer of 2013. This picture is great and reminds me of some great memories from time past. 50 more words

Taking Flight Over The Safari — Nick West Photography