Book Review: “Ghost Hunting” by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson

Investigative Curiosity

This book was published in 2007 and I likely read it for the first time in 2008. If you are like me, you are probably very familiar with the “Ghost Hunters” from SciFi (as it was known back then) and learned a lot of what you know about investigation from the TAPS team. You also likely know what TAPS looks like today. I wanted to do a reread of this book and see if it still hits me the same way it did back when the gang was still together. Honestly, it was kind of sad because you can see the cracks that likely were not apparent back then.

Would I recommend this book? Yes and no. This book has a lot of short reflections on investigations from Jason’s point of view which can be interesting. Most of these stories are about 4-6 pages long. Some are longer depending on…

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Kingwell Woods Lost Towers | Did we Capture the Ghost of the Blue Lady Laugh? — Paranormal Hauntings

Very little historical fact is known about the the forgotten Towers located in Kingwell Woods but what we do know is they used to be referred to as The Worsborough Common towers and were constructed at some time between 1731 and 1756. 1,124 more words

Kingwell Woods Lost Towers | Did we Capture the Ghost of the Blue Lady Laugh? — Paranormal Hauntings

Book Review: “Paranormal Investigations” by Chad Stambaugh

Investigative Curiosity

This book is a “how to” book for paranormal investigations. It reviews basic equipment, types of spirits, basic investigation methods, interviewing potential clients, residential cases, evidence review, and includes a sample of forms that can be used by investigation teams. Chad Stambaugh correctly identifies the lack of a cohesive process in paranormal investigation and seeks to help detail a simple process that any investigator can follow. He has a hope of some day elevating paranormal investigation beyond simple hobby to something that can be structured in a way that science will begin to accept the methods of paranormal field researchers.

Would I recommend this book? YES, I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who wants to be (or currently is) a paranormal investigator. The information contained in this book is very useful and helps the reader start to think about the actual process of paranormal investigation. While he does…

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Return to Gettysburg — Paranormality Radio

Grab your fife and drum, we are marching back to Gettysburg. Well, one of us is. Ally took some time and visited Gettysburg after dark on a haunted ghost tour! These are her stories. Along with JP’s sarcasm. Find Us On email us at follow us on twitter @spookyupodcast Find us on About…

Return to Gettysburg — Paranormality Radio
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