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A BIG Thank you!

Again, I’m amazed by the talent that is out there

studio 18 art

Thank you for supporting small business last week. I hope you are enjoying your petite blocks as much as I enjoyed creating them. My shop will be closed until January…I will be working on a beautiful new collection for you…let’s start the New Year with a gift of art for yourself!

PLAYA GETS A DRINK…acrylic on canvas…12×12

I’m back at the easel befriending the landscape of New Mexico. These paintings must have been lurking in the back of my mind because they just danced their way on to the canvas. It felt so good to be back in the painting saddle…it has been a while and it feels wonderful to scrub the paint off my fingers before heading to bed. These two hitched a ride to Madrid to join others for a special night of shopping and tree lighting tomorrow following the Madrid Christmas Parade…what fun!…from the studio

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8 x 10 Watercolor Fall Foliage Painting

Natalie C Smith Art

Had to pull out the watercolors today! Been far too long. I’ve been having so much fun working with the mixed media ideas that I haven’t actually painted for awhile.

Did this 8 x 10 quick and loose fall foliage painting. Tried a piece of Grumbacher 140 lb paper. I believe this was the first time I actually tried using it for a straight watercolor painting. It has a rough surface but different rough from like an Arches paper. It did hold up to a very wet wash and I hadn’t stretched it prior to working.

I felt like I really just relaxed and had fun with the paint instead of trying to produce a perfect finished painting. Turns out I am really happy with the outcome of this one!

Until next time…….Happy fall to all

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Thirlmere from Raven Crag Original Watercolour

This is amazing!

Jane Ward

Thirlmere from Raven Crag

Painted in Watercolour

Size 20 x 28 inches


This Original Watercolour is sold unframed for safe delivery and personal framing, this painting will make a fantastic centrepiece for any Lake District admirer.For more information about this orginal painting or to purchase this beautiful painting email

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Fisherman’s Island – December Thaw

I simply love this type of painting. Can’t do it. At all. But I appreciate through the talents of others!

Margie Guyot Art

“Fisherman’s Island – December Thaw” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

After days (and weeks) of dreary, dark skies and blowing snow, we hit a heat wave — up into the 40’s. And blue skies! I decided to drive around and find a spot to do a plein air field study instead of stagnating in my studio, working on my still life, with the cats constantly begging me for treats. I needed airing out big-time. Fisherman’s Island State Park is just south of Charlevoix and if you go there in winter, you’d better have 4WD. The road isn’t plowed and it’s full of ruts. Even a downed tree across the road couldn’t keep some of us hardy souls away.

I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera along. It would have been a good “action shot”. I’d set up right…

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swamp painting finally finished / oils

I am amazed by folks who can create like this! Great job!

The Plein Air Experience

I might have to pay a pro photographer to take a decent shot of this because I’m not getting it.

Painters and poets, we all reveal ourselves through our work. When I look at this I think oh no! If there’s an art savvy shrink in the room they’ll be able to peal the layers of my personality down all the way to my subconscious which is represented here by a few inches of stagnant swamp water. I would advise you that even if you’re wearing hip boots you could sink in and get stuck in the muck.

It’s almost like feeling undressed in public when you feel like your life is shown in a painting. People who I don’t know will get to know me well.

This close up shows some Spanish moss on the right which I blobbed in some lines of dark green and very light green…

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Patience: Not my Strong Suit

I’m an impatient person. It runs in the family. Thanks, Dad! I would rather bull my way through something as opposed to taking the time and getting it right. Im apt to throw in the towel long before giving something a reasonable attempt. I’m even getting impatient figuring out how to end this paragraph!

I have been getting into jazz music lately. A drummer myself, I have always greatly admired and watched in amazement the jazz drummer. Why am I not a jazz drummer? You guessed it.

Recently, I have decided that I am going to go all the way back to square one and learn the art of jazz drumming. I have been giving it a legitimate try, and have figured out it may be okay if I don’t turn in Max Roach overnight. Or at all! The smart money is on the latter.

I have learned that the one glaring similarity between jazz drumming and the styles I have primarily played is that one hits a set of drums with a stick. Man, jazz music goes against everything I have trained my mind to think and how I have asked my limbs to react! What do you mean my left hand doesn’t have to hit the snare drum on the exact beat I close the hi-hat with my left foot??? You want me to alternate the two? Holy hell!

It’s been a rush, and I am learning (slowly) to enjoy the process of trying something new. I’m taking my time. Carnegie Hall is not calling me anytime soon! But I AM improving!

So I’ll keep plugging away at it. And who knows? Maybe I CAN learn photography without having to be Ansel Adams. Perhaps I can dabble in landscape painting without feeling I should rival Bob Ross.

But for now, back to drumming. Time for a happy little swing beat.