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Texas Sunset

This is unbelievable!

Marlene Lee Art

Texas Sunset, 5×7 inches oil on cradled wood 1 1/4 inches thick by Marlene Lee

My sister sent a photo that she took of the beautiful sunset that she could see from her home in southeast Texas. Simply breathtaking. I’m afraid that I didn’t do the sunset scene much justice; I wished I could had been able to paint this in person.

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“Village Park”

Great work!

RENDERED IMPRESSIONS / Original Oil Paintings by Catherine J. Martzloff

“Village Park” 14″ x 18″ Oil on canvas – $850

Imagine strolling along on a late fall afternoon. The sunlight gently shifting creating beautiful painted shadows on the grass in all kinds of amazing shades of blue, violet and lavender. As this starts to take hold in your mind and body, the trees come alive with their changing leaves. No longer green, but now infused in a variation of amazing reds, oranges, pinks and golds that just blow the mind eye – yet there they are! The miracle of nature is before you and nothing is asked in the moment, except perhaps to pause and receive the gift.

If I had to articulate the inspiration for this painting or any painting it really involves the spirit of wonder and imagining. Pausing for a moment or longer is often required before I can “see” the potential within my surroundings. Granted sometimes…

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Mission at BigBendPark Movie Set by BarbaraHaviland

Check this out!


Mission at Big Bend Park by Barbara Haviland

This is my second time to paint the Mission at Big Bend National Park. We went to Big Bend in 2012 with OPS and I painted it then. Here recently, I was going thru my photos and I decided to do this one again. It brought back so many happy memories. I do hope you like this version. It measures 16″x16″ and is on a gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted to match the painting.


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Valley Forge, PA

Today’s random artistic re-blog. Tugs at my heartstrings when a little History is included!

Jean Krueger Fine Art

Autumn is upon Valley Forge. The stone barn shown here was built and added to in the 19th c. It has the remnants of a Palladian window in the wall below the ridge, dating it to the Federalist era of architecture.

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Great job!

graham mcquade

After the Christmas indolence, a walk was proposed. Organising a walk in our family can require diplomatic skills far beyond my capabilities. My wife wanted to walk by the canal which meant we wouldnt get lost and me get angry at the lack of signage. She also reckoned that it wouldnt be too muddy. My daughter didnt want to go too far to get to the walk and I wanted to go somewhere to see some different scenery. I think my daughter’s partner would have preferred to stay put.

I selected a route which, I hoped, met all the specifications. After an early lunch, waiting for the rain to subside, we set off. There was a low winter light which gave great contrasts and shadows and suited me well.

We came up a low hill to a wooded area where there is a derelict Chapel, originally built in the 1500s…

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Slow Drift

Outstanding work!

Teri Malo Studio

TM9629 Slow Drift 30×50 oil on panel

What compels me to keep visiting Hamlen Woods? I think it is the nearly hypnotic trance I fall into as I walk the perimeters of the creeks and ponds, all linked and providing rich habitats. I become hyper aware of sounds, color, and especially the way time seems to slow down as I watch leaves float and spin on the currents, or the way pine needles hover on the surface, collect, and then disappear. Maybe it’s the way silently observing the pond takes me completely out of myself, as if I weren’t there. Or maybe it’s getting to know the place so well that every tree limb, lily, and frog feels like an old friend. I just love it. Details from Slow Drift below. Enjoy.

TM9629 Slow Drift – detail from center

TM9629 Slow Drift – detail from right side with reflections and…

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