Sea Turtles acrylic painting

Lara Brady: My Artwork

Acrylic on canvas. 36″ x 48″ I’m looking into various online venues for selling my artwork. In the meantime, I’m printing and stretching them myself. If you’re interested in an original reproduction of this piece, please email me at The reproduction will be a Giclee print with acrylic overpainting details. No two are alike and the size may be determined upon ordering.

Scroll down to see the steps I took to get this painting done.

Pencil sketch on the canvas

At this point I just want to get some paint on the canvas, to get over any “painters block” feelings. I always remember that if I don’t like it I can paint over it! Acrylic is a great medium for that because it dries so quickly.

Since the turtle on the right is not completely on the canvas, and not really the main focus, I was less stressed about…

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Landscape Oil Paintings and Prints

My Journey

The following link will show what I have for purchasing. My art is a great addition for your home or business! Prints of all paintings also available.

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Tea Bag Challenge Week #17

Natalie C Smith Art

Posting a previously painted piece for the tea bag challenge this week. This was done some time back on one of the prepared tea bags mounted on to watercolor paper and gesso’ed. I used a limited palette of I think only two colors and tried following the marks on the tea bag. This landscape, pathway and mountain came to be. This piece measures about 6 x 3.5 in size.

Haven’t shared any “studio” work this week as when I was able to have some time I am working on a personal piece for myself. Would love to share it but it is a family tree piece which I’m doing as a mixed media collage on canvas. Due to the nature of the photos included I don’t want to post without getting permission from the individuals!

Hope everyone is having a creative and fulfilling week doing what you love!

Until next…

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Work : The sky blocks the mountains in the sea


The barrier in the sea of the mountains is It is like heaven itself. Draw with dark water color paint in general in the imagination of the details. We use dark watercolor paint on the paper to steer it. It looks real, natural, lively, the world seems empty, like this gloomy one. You all touch your imagination with your own consideration. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

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