Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

Bobby Darin:


Bobby Darin was a unique talent who performed in the genres of rock and roll, pop, jazz, swing, folk, and country. Not only a singer, he was an adept songwriter who wrote for Connie Francis. In addition, he was an actor and political activist who worked on Robert F. Kennedy’s Democratic presidential campaign. Darin was at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles when RFK was assassinated.

Darin’s major hits were, “Splish Splash,” “Mack the Knife,” “Dream Lover,” and “Beyond the Sea.”

Darin spent most of his life in poor health and died in 1973 at the age of 37, posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. Furthermore, he has a star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Bobby Darin-Mack the Knife

Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

Ritchie Valens:


Ritchie Valens, the first Latino musician to cross over into the mainstream, was a pioneer of Chicano rock and Latin rock, inspiring numerous Latin musicians, such as Carlos Santana and Los Lobos. In addition to his heritage, Valens’ guitar skills influenced a plethora of six-stringers, including Jimi Hendrix and Chris Montez.

Valens’ major hits include, “La Bamba,” “Donna,” and “Come On Let’s Go.”

Valens was killed after a concert in Clear Lake, Iowa, along with fellow artists Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper, as well as pilot Roger Peterson in 1959.

Valens was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

Bill Haley and His Comets


Bill Haley and His Comets were one of the early pioneers of the new rock and roll genre of the 1950’s. The group was instrumental in combining elements of country swing, rhythm and blues, and rockabilly, and although they may not have been the first (some argue they were) to do so, their biggest hit, “Rock Around the Clock” was indeed the first rock and roll song to blow up the charts and be heard by millions of people.

The band’s other notable hits include a cover of Big Joe Turner’s, “Shake Rattle and Roll,” “See You Later Alligator,” “Crazy Man Crazy,” “Birth of the Boogie,” and “Dim Dim the Lights.”

“Rock Around the Clock” was re-released to more fanfare for the soundtrack to the movie “Blackboard Jungle.” Meanwhile the group performed on American Bandstand, as well as appeared in the movies, Rock Around the Clock and Don’t Knock the Rock.

Bill Haley himself was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Bill Haley and His Comets-Rock Around the Clock

Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

The Everly Brothers:


The Everly Brothers were a duo that consisted of siblings Phil and Don Everly. The group became famous for combining rock and roll, country, and pop music with acoustic guitar accompaniment, complete with sweet sounding vocal harmony.

The brothers hit the charts with a plethora of hits, including, “Bye Bye Love,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” All I Have To Do IS Dream,” Bird Dog,” “Problems,” “(Till) I Kissed You,” “Let It Be Me,” “Cathy’s Clown,” “When Will I Be Loved,” and “That’s Old Fashioned (That’s The Way Love Should Be.”

Everly Brothers-Wake Up Little Susie

The Everly Brothers, known also for inspiring Paul McCartney and John Lennon, among many others, have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, as well as received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Everly Brothers-Till I Kissed You

Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

Carl Perkins:


Carl Perkins was a rock, country, and primarily a rockabilly artist that influenced countless musicians, notably Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton.

Perkins’ famous songs include the smash hit, “Blue Suede Shoes,” as well as, “Honey Don’t,” “Matchbox,” and “Everybody’s Trying to be My Baby.”

He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, as well as received a Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

Rolling Stone has listed Perkins as #99 on its list of the Greatest Artists of All Time.

Carl Perkins-Blue Suede Shoes

Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

Jerry Lee Lewis:


Jerry Lee Lewis is widely considered rock and roll’s first wild entertainer, complete with jaw dropping on-stage antics. He is one of the genre’s pioneers and influential pianists known for his boogie-woogie style, pounding on the keys, standing up to play, and playing with his feet.

Lewis rose to fame on the strengths of hits such as “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Breathless,” and “High School Confidential.” He was also part of the famous Million Dollar Quartet recording session at Sun Studios in Memphis TN in 1956.

Jerry Lee Lewis-Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Lewis’ career plunged in 1958 due to his marriage to his 13-year old cousin. That said, a cover of Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say,” as well as his well-received live album, “Live at the Star Club, Hamburg” kept his career afloat before a transition to country music in 1968 saved it.

Lewis has won four Grammy Awards, along with Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and two Grammy Hall of Fame Awards. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, as well as recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Jerry Lee Lewis-Great Balls of Fire

Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

Sam Cooke


Sam Cooke was a pioneer and extremely influential in the sub-genre of soul, and is considered the “King of Soul” in many circles. His distinctive voice had a substantial effect on future artists such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder. He was also active in the Civil Rights movement with Muhammad Ali and Malcom X.

Among Cooke’s big hits include “You Send Me,” “Wonderful World,” “Chain Gang,” “Cupid,” “Twistin’ the Night Away,” “Bring it On Home to Me,” “Send Me Some Lovin’,” “Another Saturday Night,” and “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Sam Cooke-You Send Me

Cooke was shot and killed in a bizarre incident at a California hotel in 1963. The shooter, a hotel clerk, was acquitted after claiming self defense. The clerk was on the phone with the hotel owner at the time of the shooting and her story was corroborated by her boss that Cooke, intoxicated and naked, had attacked her.

Beatles or the Stones (or the Who)…

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Entertaining to see the spat last year between McCartney, Jagger and later Daltry.

First McCartney said: “I’m not sure I should say it, but they’re a blues cover band, that’s sort of what the Stones are. I think our net was cast a bit wider than theirs.”

Then Jagger noted:

An amused Jagger has since shared a clip from a recent Stones show in LA gig in which he tells the audience: “There are so many celebrities here tonight, of course, you know, naturally. Megan Fox is here, she’s lovely. Leonardo DiCaprio. Lady Gaga. Kirk Douglas

“Paul McCartney is here, he’s going to join us in a blues cover later on.”


Daltry then suggested that the band (as distinct from Jagger):

“You can not take away the fact that Mick Jagger is still the No. 1 rock ‘n’ roll showman up front,” Daltrey said. “But as a band…

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Fabulous Fifties

Sharing my love for the first decade of rock and roll!

The Coasters


The Coasters were an R&B vocal group that originated in the 1950’s.  While not considered a standard doo-wop group, their style influenced many of the doo-wop outfits that came along in the decade.  The band’s classic line-up consisted of Bobby Nunn, Leon Hughes, Cornell Gunter, and Will “Dub” Jones.

Teamed with the famous songwriting team of the day, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the Coaster exploded onto the scene with a plethora of hits, including, Searchin,’ Young Blood, Yakety Yak, Charlie Brown, Along Came Jones, and Poison Ivy.  Their tunes were often humorous and tongue in cheek.

The Coasters-Searchin’

The Coaster were the first group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.   

22 Days in the Life of The Beatles


The recently-released documentary “The Beatles – Get Back” is all the rage these days.

As a lifelong Beatles fan I couldn’t wait to see it. Now that I have, I’d like to offer some thoughts on it.

*SPOILER ALERT* The band breaks up…

First things first – I said in a Facebook post the other day that people who know how much of a Beatles fan I am might be surprised at what I have to say. If you saw that post and came here expecting me to say that my love of the Beatles has been misplaced and I’ve suddenly come to the realization that they aren’t all that – you may as well stop reading now because that just ain’t happening.

The Beatles are still the greatest band that ever was and ever will be. Did I need 7+ hours of behind-the-scenes footage to reinforce that…

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