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This Isn’t Who I Am



3333333333333333333333333333333333333 — see NOTES below.

Today I’m sharing another quick oil painting study, once again following Camille Pissarro’s advice to do everything all at once, and to “paint generously and unhesitatingly” so as to not lose the first impression one has of the scene.

This study was also intended as a sort of “counterpart” to the previous “Tennessee Road” oil painting. Yesterday I worked with the warm colors of the wheel — although I muted them for my palette. Today I began with the intention of using cooler hues — blues, greens, a cool black. Sometimes, though, little oopsies happen when I’m at my easel, and that was definitely how my morning went.

This “quick study” is not complete. Even though I planned to complete it “all at once” as Pissarro advises, that didn’t happen. Here is “November Sky” as it presently appears:

You can see the general idea of…

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Another oil painting completed.

I love oil landscapes. I wish I was able to do this, but, alas, it’s going to be well out of reach for my creative talents. At least I get to appreciate other’s art.


I completed my oil painting which was going on for some time now. I painted it step by step in layers, taking pictures along the way. Click here to see the initial sketch,underpainting,the step by step process and now I proudly present to you the complete oil painting.

Oil on canvas

It took me around 2-3 months to complete this one and I have one more exciting painting which is currently on the back burner as I’m just not able to make time for it. Do check it out if you want to see something really awesome shaping up.

I also do a lot of watercolor paintings in case you want to check it out and if you liked my art, then please don’t forget to like, and subscribe to my blog.


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swamp painting finally finished / oils

I am amazed by folks who can create like this! Great job!

The Plein Air Experience

I might have to pay a pro photographer to take a decent shot of this because I’m not getting it.

Painters and poets, we all reveal ourselves through our work. When I look at this I think oh no! If there’s an art savvy shrink in the room they’ll be able to peal the layers of my personality down all the way to my subconscious which is represented here by a few inches of stagnant swamp water. I would advise you that even if you’re wearing hip boots you could sink in and get stuck in the muck.

It’s almost like feeling undressed in public when you feel like your life is shown in a painting. People who I don’t know will get to know me well.

This close up shows some Spanish moss on the right which I blobbed in some lines of dark green and very light green…

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