Mysterious unsolved murder of Julie Ferguson investigated on On The Case With Paula Zahn — Monsters and Critics

Unsolved 26 years later………

The murder of 17-year-old Julie Ferguson remains a mystery. Pic credit: @OnTheCaseWithPaulaZahn/Facebook On The Case With Paula Zahn is investigating the abduction and murder of teenager Julie Lynn Ferguson who was mysteriously killed after finishing work in Greenbelt, Maryland, in 1995. Her murder has never been solved, and the case remains open. On the evening […]

Mysterious unsolved murder of Julie Ferguson investigated on On The Case With Paula Zahn — Monsters and Critics

25 Years

25 years

That’s how long she’s been gone

Since he took her

The invisible perpetrator

A fact most distressing

No idea who he is

Or where

Not a trace

Of either of them

25 years

That’s how long he’s been roaming free

Like nothing happened

While I’m serving a life sentence

Soda, Chocolate, and Pie

Soda, chocolate, and pie

A most innocent snack

Doesn’t sound like one’s last meal

Or should be such

No, it seems like just one of several that came before it

And just as many more that will come after it

Or so one would think

Friends on a joyous journey

A comradery of indestructibility

Their existence untroubled and carefree

The Montego a sufficient safety net

How were they to know the evils that lie in wait?

The unforeseen gruesomeness lurking in the shadows?

That their imminent demise would be best categorized as inexplicable and mystifying?

That their final act would consist of

Soda, chocolate, and pie

Gary Mathias and the Yuba County Five — Lost Voices

Extremely bizarre case that has always interested me.

Gary Mathias was a native from Yuba County, California. Whilst he was stationed in West Germany, as part of the United States Army Service in the late 1970s, Gary developed drug problems which lead to him being diagnosed with schizophrenia and being psychiatrically discharged. Mathias returned to his parents home in Yuba County and began […]

Gary Mathias and the Yuba County Five — Lost Voices

Arrest in North Carolina College Student’s Murder — Savagewatch

There were suspects early on in the in 2002 murder of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill student Faith Hedgepeth in her off campus apartment. Police had questioned the ex-boyfriend of her roommate as being a person with motive. But it turns out DNA evidence left behind pointed to someone that was not a suspect early […]

Arrest in North Carolina College Student’s Murder — Savagewatch

I watched a show on this case a while back. Good to see the progress.

Walter Ogrod Today: Where Is the Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder Now? —

Walter Ogrod was convicted of Barbara Jean Horn’s murder and served nearly 30 years in prison before his conviction was vacated. Where is he today?

Walter Ogrod Today: Where Is the Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder Now? —

I saw a Dateline episode on this recently. Bizarre case.


He’s in there

He thinks he’s in the clear

Watching a movie in his loveseat

His girl wrapped in his arms

Fine wine at his lips

Relaxing evening for him

He knows what he’s done

I do too

I’ll sit in this Caprice as long as I have to

Talk football with my partner

Locker room talk with a guy who will become my lifelong best friend

Eat bad food

All night long

It’s the thrill of the chase

I love the hunt and I’ve found my prey

All he has to do is make one little mistake

And he will

Drop a cigarette butt

Leave his trash on the curb

It all contains his calling card

I’ll bet the farm it’s all over my crime scene

One cannot begin to understand the sensation felt when their guy emerges from his supposed hiding

Euphoric is all I can think of

Confirmation from the science only deepens that feeling

The climatic look he gives you when he realizes he’s had

That’s the endgame we all seek

Until then, I will dive into this double cheeseburger and delight in every last morsel

I love this job

Wedding Day

You couldn’t let her go, could you?

You had your chance

Plenty of them

Didn’t get it

7 years she gave you to get it right

You probably said, “Tomorrow, I’ll start a new day”

Time and time again

Her big day came

You couldn’t let her have it


It’s gotta be about you

This day was supposed to be about anything other than you

A rebirth PAST you

You weren’t about to let that happen

Were you?

Now her day was ALL about YOU

As was the trial

And the sentencing

And your little jail cell

I bet you wish you let her have her day now, huh?

#Dateline The Wrong Door S30Ep4 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @DatelineNBC #EqyptCovington — TheNerdyGirlExpress

Dateline Season 30 Premieres on Friday, September 24, 2021. Season 30 Episode 4 is titled “The Wrong Door” Here’s the synopsis: “After a 27-year-old woman is found murdered in her Michigan home, investigators quickly identify a person of interest, but years pass without an arrest.” Friday on an all-new 2-hour #Dateline at 9/8c… — […]

#Dateline The Wrong Door S30Ep4 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @DatelineNBC #EqyptCovington — TheNerdyGirlExpress

One Year Ago

Just one year ago you looked up at me

Your eyes fixed on mine

Engaged in an impassioned kiss for the ages

Leg bent, toes curled

You felt real love for the first time

I felt it too

We committed to forever

Dopamine a peculiar potion

Yours of the abiding variety

Apologetically, mine not

You, just starting your life

You thought you had reached the pinnacle

Somehow saw through my flaws

“He’s usually not like that”

Me? I peaked years ago

Whatever that means

Somehow I lucked into such a beautiful soul loving me for all she was worth

Wasn’t astute enough to see it

Or strong enough to do it

Our unification never meant to grow old bones

I wronged you in the worst way imaginable

I robbed you of finding legitimate forever

A role I was never capable of fulfilling

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