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A Love Affair Gone Wrong: The Murder of Antena Kropa

I enjoy reading about these old cases. Thank you!

Melanie Cole

Humboldt, Saskatchewan circa 1913, from the Saskatchewan Archival Information Network

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

It was Christmas night, 1929, and Antena and Stanley Kropa had been visiting at the home of their friend, J. Philip Mokolyk. Around 5:30PM, Antena took their three-year-old son home to put him to bed and Stanley followed not long after.

They were a young couple, Antena was only twenty-five, and they’d come to Canada just seven months before. Stanley worked as a railway worker and was often away with the railway gang. He was described as young and mild mannered, but unfortunately, it appears Antena was not in love with him. Just a few weeks before Christmas, she’d run off with a man named Alex Wysochan.

On December 11th, Stanley Kropa had gone to the local police chief, Denis Palmer, and appealed to him for help. He’d found out where the two lovers were staying, at a…

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The Intruder – The Muder of Albert Snyder

The True Crime Blog

When: Sunday, March 20th 1927


  1. Henry Judd Gray: Suspect
  2. Ruth Snider: Victims Wife
  3. Albert Snyder: Victim
  4. Lorraine Snyder: Daughter, 9 years old. 
  5. George Vincent McLaughlin: New York City Police Commissioner

More information about the case

Hello everyone, and welcome to Forgotten True Crime by Okie Investigations, the True Crime Podcast where we tell the stories of crimes that happened long ago. If you are a true crime fan, make sure you subscribe to the podcast. That way, when we have new episodes, you will be the first to know. Also, check us out on our Facebook page Okie Investigations and visit our blog TrueCrime.Blog where we post many cool things we found for each episode. This episode, “The Intruder,” has a lot of exciting stuff for you to dig into. Make sure you go there and check it out. You can also follow me on…

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Review: The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist – A True Story of Injustice in the American South by Radley Balko & Tucker Carrington



Public Affairs | 2018

Filed Under:*flips a table and screams*

Well, shit.

This book is sobering AF.

It’s robust, in-depth and densely investigated from every angle, with the authors conducting over 200 interviews and reviewing thousands of pages of court documents to deftly present to readers all the ins and outs of a corrupt system.

I’m wholly impressed with this nonfiction account of Mississippi’s completely fucking horrific justice system and two men in particular who should be punched in the throat every time they step outside.

Like, top to bottom, what the actual fuck are we doing as a society that anything in this book was allowed to happen?

I took some time after reading this before writing my review because I needed to collect my thoughts and emotions – namely rage. Now that I’m sitting here writing this, I’m realizing I’ve actually not gathered myself at all…

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Deadly Duo: Marty J. Malone and Jonathan Craig Curtis killed Steve Ver Woert, Malone’s ex-husband — Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

Find-A-Grave: Steve J. VerWoert Murder Suspect’s Trail Was A Sure Bet Scottsdale woman admits role in ex-husband’s death Pair Deny Plot To Murder Husband Sun., March 9, 1997 `Hit Man’ Trial In Killing Of Bothell Man Gets Under Way Too Many Hit Men Arizonan Denies He Was Hit Man — Defendant Testifies; Trial Goes To […]

Deadly Duo: Marty J. Malone and Jonathan Craig Curtis killed Steve Ver Woert, Malone’s ex-husband — Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

Uncle John’s True Crime by Bathroom Readers’ Institute

Cozy with Books

It’s Thursday, almost the weekend!
You know what that means?
It’s time for this week’s book review: Uncle John’s True Crime: A Classic Collection of Crooks, Cops, and Capers by the Bathroom Readers’ Institute!

Book Description

Title: Uncle John’s True Crime: A Classic Collection of Crooks, Cops, and Capers
Series: Uncle John’s Facts and Trivia
Author: Bathroom Readers’ Institute
Edition: Ebook > Libby
Length: 288
Genre/s: Nonfiction, Crime, True Crime, Reference > Trivia
Rating: 4 Golden Eggs

Blurb (Goodreads)

You’ll be on the edge of your seat reading tales of cops, robbers, criminals, and lawyers with this little tome that packs a lot of heat.

Do you like to read great stories? This book is loaded with them! We’ve rounded up the best cops-and-robber articles we’ve ever done–plus a rogue’s gallery of new offenders. You’ll read about dumb crooks and criminal masterminds, mafia henchman and low-level goons…

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Episode 120: Lauren Smith Fields no justice in sight — CRIMEandSTUFF

When Lauren Smith Fields died in her Bridgeport, Connecticut, apartment while on a first date with a man she met on Bumble, and the police didn’t bother to notify her family, that was just the first injustice in a case that has all the worst elements of racism, white male priviledge, police incompetence and more.…

Episode 120: Lauren Smith Fields no justice in sight — CRIMEandSTUFF

Barbara Blount

L.R. Gordan's Crime Writing

Picture Found Here

In the spring of 2008, a 58 year old woman named Barbara Blount was living a seemingly ordinary and peaceful life in Holden, Louisiana, a small town in Livingston Parish. She taught Sunday school at a local church and although she had been a widow for four years, she had several family members still living nearby and with whom she spent much of her time. Her adult son and daughter, Ricky and Kristie, lived along the same rural road as their mother. Her sister Sarah also lived in town, and Barbara frequently drove Sarah to her medical appointments. She had at least one nephew, Raymond, who lived nearby as well. She kept chicken and cattle on her property, and was generally described as a cautious and quiet person. She liked to work outdoors on her farm, collect dolls, and host regular dinners for her family members at…

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Jodi Huisentruit- Spring Blog #7

The Mystery of the Unsolved Murders

Jodi Huisentruit was a news anchor from Mason City Iowa. Jodi was originally from Long Prairie MN. She went to college at St. Cloud University, was also a flight attendant for a little bit of time. She worked for KIMT as a morning news anchor.


June 27th 1995 at about 4 in the morning Jodi’s coworker called and woke her up because she was late. She said that she was going to be there in 10 minutes. She never made it to work. When Jodi hadn’t answered the second phone call at 4:30 AM or the one at 5AM they assumed she fell back asleep. When Jodi hadn’t made an appearance by 7:30AM, they called the police for a wellness check. Police walked up to her car and found her belongings spread about. The mirror on her red Mazda Miata bent backwards, the key to her car was bent…

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Combined Reviews: A Few True Crime Novels — Booksophobia

I have recently read a few true crime novels, so I thought it would be practical to combine their reviews into one post. I enjoyed all of them, though I thought that some were better than others! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4 out of 5. This was a good read, but I expected to like it more […]

Combined Reviews: A Few True Crime Novels — Booksophobia

News Archive: Fred Paul Laster murder — Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

Fred Paul Laster Cold Case: Ronnie Leon Hyde charged with the 1994 murder of 16-year-old Fred Paul Laster aka The Lake City John Doe Update: Fred Paul Laster murder *The trial of Ronnie Leon Hyde has begun* INMATE INFORMATION HYDE, RONNIE LEON Jail Number: 2017006144 JSO ID: 804718 Inmate Information Housing Location: PDF Admitted: 03/07/2017 […]

News Archive: Fred Paul Laster murder — Bonnie’s Blog of Crime