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Missing: Nahum Smith

Indiana Infamy

Have you seen this man?

Indianapolis Metro PD is asking for help locating a missing man.

36-year-old Nahum Smith was last seen February 18 near the Greyhound station at 350 S. Illinois Street. He is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a black and gray hoodie, white thermal shirt, tan pants, and socks under a pair of slippers.

Anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of Mr. Smith is asked to call 911.

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Brianna Alexandra Maitland

Lost Voices

Brianna Maitland was born on the 8th of October 1986. She lived with her parents, Kellie and Bruce Maitland, and her older brother, on her parent’s farm in East Franklin, Vermont.

On Brianna’s 17th birthday, she decided that she wanted to move away from her parent’s farm. Her mum Kellie, says that there was no stress at home and that Brianne just wanted to be more independent and closer to a group of her friends. Her friends lived just over 15 miles (24 km) away and attended a different high school.

By the end of February 2004, Brianna moved in with her childhood friend Jillian Stout, after moving in and out of several friends’ houses. Brianna had also dropped out of high school and instead enrolled in a GED programme to complete her education.

On March the 19th, 2004, Brianna took an exam to achieve her GED. Brianna then went…

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Haneul Oh

Lost Voices

Haneul Oh is a Korean national who was living and studying in the US. She was last seen on December 20th, 2021, in Davie, Florida.

Haneul went missing under suspicious circumstances, but investigators and the FBI have refused to elaborate more.

Haneul is known to drive a 2005 Toyota Corolla, which is grey and has the New Jersey licence plate: L20NAZ.

Haneul would have turned 22 on January, 28th 2022. She is around 5″0′ and weighs around 105 pounds. She has brown eyes and black hair.

Haneul has known ties to New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland and Korea.

If you have any information, or if you’ve seen something/someone resembling Haneul or her car, please contact the FBI immediately.

Haneul Oh. Credit: FBI


Unsolved, Missing, Missing Person, True Crime, Mystery

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Police: DNA IDed in search for girl missing since 2004 — Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

WATERBURY, Vt. (AP) — Vermont State Police investigators used advanced DNA sequencing techniques to identify a sample found as part of their investigation into the 2004 disappearance of a 17-year-old girl in the town of Montgomery, police said. But investigators say identifying the source of the DNA found near the abandoned car of Brianna Maitland…

Police: DNA IDed in search for girl missing since 2004 — Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

The Disappearance of Lelia Faulkner

Stories of the Unsolved


Lelia Marie Faulkner was born on September 26, 1986 to Susan and Rick Faulkner. Growing up in Troy, Alabama, she was a smart and outgoing girl who got straight-As and was named valedictorian of her class.

After high school, Lelia moved to Montgomery, Alabama for college. However, her education got sidetracked after she met a man and got pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to her daughter, Madison. As Lelia and her boyfriend broke up before Madison was born, the young mother gave primary guardianship of her daughter to her parents and moved back in with them.

Back living in Troy, Lelia met Blane Gralheer Jr., who worked at his parents’ sporting goods store in town. Two months later, the pair moved in together, and while things at first appeared to be going well, their relationship soon soured. This was partly due to Lelia’s alcohol and drug…

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Formerly Missing Adults and Children – Found Deceased • — True Crime Society

ScaryPoppins wrote: ↑ 8:44 AM – Today What is it about drunk men and water? There’s a ridiculous amount of men who have disappeared around water, with many of them being found in water. 103 more words

Formerly Missing Adults and Children – Found Deceased • — True Crime Society

Maura Murray

The Mystery of the Unsolved Murders

Maura Murray went missing 18 years ago, February 9, 2004. Maura was 21 years old, a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts. But before that, in high school she was in advanced classes, tutored, top of her class, a multisport standout, and starting varsity as a freshman. Maura was known for how kind she was, her sister Julie said she was even kind when people were mean. When she finished high school she decided to go to West Point with her sister, Julie. West Point is a United States Military Academy. She didn’t fit in, Julie had caught her crying once, she even stole stuff while attending this school. That was majorly out of character for her. So when Maura finished and could either go on to become an officer or be discharged, she was discharged. She then began nursing school at the University of Massachusetts.

Maura Murray


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Oakey Albert “Al” Kite Jr

Lost Voices

Oakey “Al” Kite was a 53 year-old-man who lived in Aurora, Colorado. He was described by family and friends as being an all-around nice guy, very compassionate and trusting. He enjoyed spending time outdoors.

Oakey “Al” Kite. Credit:

Al lived in a condo that had a basement unit complete with a bedroom, bathroom and family room that he liked to rent out for extra money. The basement unit had just one small window in the bedroom and no exit doors. The only way in and out of the house was through the front door.

His previous renters had just moved out, so Al was looking for a new occupant to come in. To advertise his basement unit, Al posted advertisements around the library of the University of Colorado Medical School, thinking a student would be interested in renting out the unit.

The Basement Bedroom. Credit:

A few weeks…

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