Love Need Not Be Certain



A sure thing

Traits that are sought out



When it comes to love

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional slam dunk?

But that’s all it is


A rare commodity

Hardly prevalent in the real world

Outside of Hollywood


To the contrary, I’ll live with the unknown

Not knowing how it plays out

Because to me, that’s what’s damn exciting!

One thing I’m certain of

Is that I love her touch

The way her sweet head fits when she leans into me

How she calls me “baby”

How she trusts me with intimate details about her life

No matter how unfortunate

How time spent with her goes so fast, I’m left longing for the next time

And the time after that

How she’s the first thing I think of in the morning

And the last in the evening

In hopes of a most wonderful dream

About her

I haven’t the first idea how this goes

The endgame is quite unknown

And I couldn’t care less

For I love her dearly

That’s for certain

And that’s more than enough for me

Were You Real?

Were you real?

I’m fairly certain you existed

Perhaps you still do


Hours, days, years

They seem never ending

While they happen

But they’re merely a blip

Did they really happen?

To me

Or am I fostering someone’s else’s memories?




Front Seat

You lean

Into me

The dark of night is comforting

We overlook the valley

Like the Hollywood sign

The bustle below is dead silent

The visual akin to millions of lightning bugs

Floating about

The Flamingos on the airwaves

“My love must be a kind of blind love”

“I can’t see anyone but you”

Our arms secure and comfort us

Yours to me

Mine to you

They say actions speak louder than words

Tonight we’ve uttered no words

And said a lot

The Flamingos-I Only Have Eyes For You


It was over

Despite a good run

My heart no longer fluttered

Not in her direction, anyway

My affection led me astray

Into the arms of a new beloved

Demanded my burning attention

It was the right path

At that time

Ah, time

The undefeated and unbeatable arch nemisis

Time always proves to be correct

It points out that fluttering hearts change over time

Or that we neglect the warning signs at that moment of clear decision

Signs that may not be seen for years

But they will emerge

And once again, time will point its accusatory finger at you


Flaunting its perfect record

And you’ll be left picking up the pieces

Until next time

Emotional Affair

An immoveable headspace

Locked in the knowledge that

The absolute path

Is to her arms

Time is of the essence

If I don’t act now I lose her forever

I couldn’t bear it

Can’t you see?

She will make me happy

I feel it

I know it

You cannot convince me otherwise…….

It started so naturally

Just friends

Good friends

Laughs, little notes

Personal details



Why does she invade my inner space?

There’s a time and place for her

Not now…….

Time only intensified the fire in my heart

Her absence created a powerful longing

One in which I would be unable to break free

I have never felt this way before

This is true love

The Greatest Gift


Become the hero

A home

A permanent home 





Rides in the car 

Walks in the park

Unconditional love 

Goes both ways 

You do everything you can 

To take care of them

You’re their entire world

And they’re yours

Yet the greatest gift of all 

You could ever give them

Is when they look you in the eyes

And tell you it’s time

You’re listening



Three decades now

The accelerated tempo of time enigmatic

Seems like yesterday

You were unique

Unique in that you were glamorous yet unpretentious

The world hardly revolved around you

Didn’t need to

To me, that’s what defined you

Most overlooked you

But they were imperceptive

And it was their loss

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