It’s late at night

It’s been another hard day

They all are nowadays

But I’m going to put my battered head on the pillow

In a little while I’ll get to see you

I shouldn’t do it

Use our time together as my crutch

It’s not a healthy way to cope

But you always come

Rescue me from my anguish

If only for a few hours

I know I’ll be crushed

When by morn you’re gone

But tonight my apathy is hardened

I’m not ready to let you go

Deer Hunting Stories, In Memory of a Great Friend

As a hunter and writer of stories myself, thank you for sharing. The memories we make with our hunting partners last forever. I’m sorry for the loss of yours.

Slow Down Country Pap

Yes, time marches on and while it brings us some great things like grandchildren, it also brings us news such as I received a couple of days ago regarding the passing of a dear friend. When I found out last week that he was failing I asked his wife to tell him to remember some of the deer hunting stories we made together, and in honor of him I would like to do the same. These bring a smile to my face through the tears in my eyes. So, for you Rick.

Photo by Steve on

My wife and I met Rick when he and his wife accepted the call of ministry at our church. Because of this he not only became our pastor, but immediately he, his wife, and mom became great friends. The National Church probably frowns on that now as they frown upon many things, but…

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One Man Band


I know it

Only I know it

Why would I do it?

They were my life

But everywhere, the judgement is unmistakable

I’ve been crucified

Dragged in the mud

Not one ally to safeguard what I know is truth

I’m afraid I’ll carry this fate for the rest of my days

In a cesspool of agony and despair

Oh, the anguish I must bear

To be a one man band

With no place to play

The Little Things

It’s the little things

The quirks

The mannerisms

The things that drive you crazy

You poke about them behind their back

Maybe even chuckle

Some days, they are downright aggrivating

But they’re there

And they’re not going away

Until they do go away


And you miss them




Three decades now

The accelerated tempo of time enigmatic

Seems like yesterday

You were unique

Unique in that you were glamorous yet unpretentious

The world hardly revolved around you

Didn’t need to

To me, that’s what defined you

Most overlooked you

But they were imperceptive

And it was their loss

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