Bad Driving Tip #2

Welcome to my personal rant that gets me fired up traveling to and from work, and really, anywhere in between.  I struggle with other people sharing my roadways.  Thanks Dad!  In an effort to not take part in a road rage incident, I’ve decided to express my frustrations in a healthier manner.  Right here.  For you.

Person A:  You won’t be happy unless you were the only person driving out there.

Me:  How do we make that happen?

Offense:  Driving slow enough to hold up all other drivers in the county, plus a group of joggers, in addition to two goats simply trying to run for the dinner bell

Tip:  Pull the damn car over and let us through

It always happens to me.  I’m cruising along and know things are too good to be true.  It’s inevitable that I will eventually pull up to someone going 37 in a 50.  And they keep looking back at me in their mirror, worried about what I’m doing!  I love it when they tap their brakes to get me to back off.  Sir!  You are going too slooooooow!  The only thing I could do in this situation is to pull over myself and have a sandwich to let you get a few miles ahead.  But then, any one of the other 47 cars behind me will be riding “too close” to you!

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