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22 Days in the Life of The Beatles


The recently-released documentary “The Beatles – Get Back” is all the rage these days.

As a lifelong Beatles fan I couldn’t wait to see it. Now that I have, I’d like to offer some thoughts on it.

*SPOILER ALERT* The band breaks up…

First things first – I said in a Facebook post the other day that people who know how much of a Beatles fan I am might be surprised at what I have to say. If you saw that post and came here expecting me to say that my love of the Beatles has been misplaced and I’ve suddenly come to the realization that they aren’t all that – you may as well stop reading now because that just ain’t happening.

The Beatles are still the greatest band that ever was and ever will be. Did I need 7+ hours of behind-the-scenes footage to reinforce that…

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Review: The Beatles: Get Back – Part 1

The Diversity of Classic Rock

I’m a huge Beatles fan. Why wouldn’t I be? I may go a while without talking about The Beatles or even listening to them, but they are always in my heart, always have been and always will be. They were the first rock band I really got into and they were my happy place as a teenager going through a difficult time in school. When I felt bad, I’d always listen to The Beatles. They got me through everything. They’re indirectly the reason I started this blog and my whole journey of understanding and knowing classic rock inside and out.

It’s trendy (not in my opinion obviously, but something I’ve observed online) now to hate on The Beatles and act like they’re basic and nothing special and just a bunch of mediocre white men, but that’s just not true. I have always thought that they had the most consistent output…

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