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Lost Ski Area

This placed bustled

A long time ago

For generations they came

Memories made by those who are memories themselves

It’s gone now

A little mountain’s ghost town

Brought on by the perils of progress

It’s demise summed up by its remnants choked into the wild forest all around

Evidence lies within these boundaries

Of its more prosperous place in history

The shattered ruins do nothing to offset what this place meant to someone

At one time

Stone Wall

I sat upon an old stone wall

And pondered

What did it look like here when it was created?

I’m thinking it was open pasture

The labor that went into this

Each rock meticulously on top of another

As a way to separate their precious property

A life was lived here

More than likely several

Memories made

By whomever did this

Don’t even know who they were

They’re long gone now

Most everything about them is gone

All that is left

Is this stone wall

The Woods

I took this picture a couple of years ago. Notice the small deer in the center.

I love the woods. It’s a year round pleasure for me; Hiking, hunting, just clearing my mind; It’s the serenity and peace and quiet I look forward to the most

I don’t always have an agenda in the woods; Does one really need it? Sometimes I go just to sit and listen

You never know what you might see in the woods; A deer, a bear, somedays the shape of a tree or the odd formation of a rock will suffice

Is there a good acorn crop this year? Beechnuts? Berries? There’s always something to find out in the woods

The woods are where I’ve learned the most from my dad; He learned from his dad; I hope to pass the knowledge down to my son; Teach him that there is much more to life than deadlines, appointments, competitive sports, and video games

Many a man or woman have asked me the question, “How can you go out in the woods and just sit there all day?” To which I answer, “How can I not?”