Real Love

There’s a girl

She’s beautiful

Devilish smile

When she’s right, sparks radiate off her

People cling to her

Life of the party

The flip side does exist though

Cruel world this is

Most never see it

Or are even aware of it

But it’s dark

She’s devoid of touch

Love, nurturing

As a girl, she never got it

As a woman, she aches for it

Finds it in random places

A different kind of love

One that’s self serving

For him, anyway

Such a shame

All it would take is a soft caress of the cheek

Her head on my shoulder

My fingers rubbing her forehead

Til she falls asleep

No expectations

No pressure

That’s real love

Friends Since Birth

Did you know when you first entered this world

You looked right at your best friend

I had an idea at the time

You weren’t yet aware of what the heck was going on, yet alone who I was

But through time, you figured it out

So did I

I knew my inklings were true

We’ve had quite a run thus far

And I look forward to the continued ride

I love you, my son

Best Friends No Matter What

I recently hooked back up with a friend that I have known for more than 30 years. He reached out to me after I had run into his wife by chance. I’m sure she told him to call on me, perhaps, because she wanted him to get out of the house!

This guy and I were inseparable in our earlier years. He was the best man at my first wedding, as was I at his wedding. He is still married to the same wonderful lady, whereas I have had a different story. In fact, after the brutal breakup of my first marriage (as mentioned in First Love….), it was he who singlehandedly got me through it.

I hadn’t seen, nor really spoken much to my buddy for several years, even though he lives about five miles from me. You see, he are are are so similar in that we like to our alone time for reflection and dislike talking on the phone. Usually our correspondence consisted of a “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Birthday,” text.

He messaged me and asked if I wanted to go hiking. I was surprised, as, while I love the outdoors, I did not remember him as such a person. I agreed to go, not expecting much more than a quick jaunt through the woods and catching up on mundane things, like, “How’s the job going?” To be honest, I was a little apprehensive, thinking the outing might be a little awkward.

While we did touch on small talk, I got so much more out of our 3.3 miles together. We openly conversed about meaningful life topics, such as what we hope our future brings as we get older. How our children are shaping us. What our fears were going forward. These are the things that can only come out during a peaceful and secluded block of time together. Our old friendly jabs at each other aged well and were in full swing despite the passage of time. We now have plans to hike every two weeks (Hey, we’re old and need recovery time!).

That morning, I learned that I am extremely lucky. I have that special friend that, regardless of how long we have stayed out of touch, we can get back together and not skip a beat. Everyone should have a friend like that. I hope you all do.

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