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When She’s Sleeping



Not a care in the world

It has to be this way

For her tranquility

When she’s sleeping she doesn’t hurt

Tears are more difficult to manufacture when the subconscious is at rest

When she’s sleeping

Scenarios that leave her fraught with worry aren’t in play

When she’s sleeping she sees her love in a positive light

She’s free from the heartbreak of how it really is

Hate, anger, and sickness

Replaced with flowers, rainbows, and kisses

When she wakes, she’ll do so with a smile

For the magic of her dreams will still be with her

But only temporarily

Seconds, really

When reality sets in

For this is life and that is fantasy

And that is unfortunate

‘Cause it’s so much better

When she’s sleeping

On My Pillow

When I put my head on my pillow

The magic starts

I meet people

People far more interesting and kind than in real life



Family and friends

Blemishes in character voided

Debts are nonexistent

Mine and theirs

New loves spellbinding

Some brand new; some recurring

But all miraculous and mythical just the same

I don’t know them but I love them unconditionally

I wake ready to take on the world

For just a mere moment

Until the realization

That it wasn’t real

I plod through the day

I can’t wait to put my head on my pillow tonight


It’s late at night

It’s been another hard day

They all are nowadays

But I’m going to put my battered head on the pillow

In a little while I’ll get to see you

I shouldn’t do it

Use our time together as my crutch

It’s not a healthy way to cope

But you always come

Rescue me from my anguish

If only for a few hours

I know I’ll be crushed

When by morn you’re gone

But tonight my apathy is hardened

I’m not ready to let you go


I go to Pittsburgh

And it’s magical

The streets are lit up like it would in a movie

Like I wish to picture it

I’m in the woods

Where I am happiest

The encounters with the forest creatures are mesmerizing

The memories enthralling

I reconnect with her

My infatuation

Like I’m meeting her for the first time

I wish not to wake up from this


Your infidelity came to me in a dream last night

I saw the deed with my very eyes

Hurt deeply, I confronted you

Mortified, you took whatever pains necessary to deny the breach

But the seeds of betrayal had been sown……

Awakened in a startle you were found to be fast asleep to my immediate right

A flooding rush of relief came over me

The act of disloyalty had been nothing more than a cruel mirage

I went to sleep the night before casual and somewhat indifferent to our situation

I woke with a new sense of love and commitment


What is it about a dream

The ones that are especially vivid in nature

Where the identities of the characters are unknown

In a storyline that might make partial sense

A strange nostalgia comes over me when I wake up

I wish I were with them instead of my actual reality

The details do not fade for hours, maybe days, weeks…..

Several of my dreams are recurring

Maybe one a week, once a month

Many of the people are good friends of mine

Even though I’ve never met them in real life

Maybe they exist somewhere

Maybe not

I used to go to sleep thinking about a specific dream

Hoping it would come to me that night

It never does

These dreams live on their own timeline

They come when they come

And I am depressed when they end

The Knight

Did he make you laugh?

Is that what drew you in?

Was he kind; did he make you feel special?

Was he ever kind? Or was it a mirage?

Did you thirst for everlasting love; the kind that fairytales and unrealistic dreams flaunt?

Thought you would never quarrel?

He would hold you in those powerful arms; keep your demons at bay

You would be forever his queen

How profoundly horrifying for you

That moment you must have realized

That he didn’t exist

He never did