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Travel Destination: Canyonlands National Park-The Needles

I’ve always wanted to go there! Thank you for posting!

peace of life today

The next step in our Utah National Parks adventure last May was to visit The Needles, a section of Canyonlands. Canyonlands is divided into three parts by the Green and Colorado rivers. The most visited part, Islands in the Sky, we visited the following day. The Maze, a much more remote area, we did not visit. For me, The Needles was remote enough!

Unless you choose to camp, the most convenient area to stay is in Moab. There is plenty of lodging there and we chose a location near Arches, and not too far from Islands in the Sky.

The drive to The Needles was about one and a half hours. Once we left the main road, we had quite a drive into the park and cell services were limited or non-existent. This always makes me a bit nervous, but fortunately all went well. We saw an occasional vehicle along…

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Saturday Night in the Valley

Another scorcher in the valley tonight; That’s never up for discussion

48 miles round trip for ale and a bag of ice; It’s all I’ll need

A rusted lawn chair in the sand serves as my patio tonight; Set up in the shadows of a ‘66 Shasta

Ol’ Harv faithfully lies by my feet

Static competes with George Jones on the transistor radio; Cacti aplenty to choose as my dancing girl, but not until the ale starts to take effect; Ouch! She’s a bit prickly this evening!

The night’s headliners are the ‘yotes way off in the valley; One is slightly off key but that’s okay, everyone has an off night; They perform a few numbers before a lengthy intermission; No worries, as most of their tunes start to sound the same

Good thing I have Hank Sr. to take the rest of the evening away