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Chik’n Noodle Soup

Melanie daPonte


There’s nothing quite like the distinctive experience of a steaming bowl of fragrant broth brimming with fresh simmered vegetables with plenty of slurpy noodles. Especially when the weather is cool or when you are feeling low.

Making a pot of soup is a caring, healing thing we can do for one another as well. A fresh-cooked, mindfully prepared soup tastes nothing like soup from a can or even from the local deli. This soup is so simple, anyone can do it.

The stars of my vegan show are a golden chicken-less broth, a dash of poultry seasoning, Gardein chicken substitute and lots of fresh parsley and cracked black pepper. Guaranteed to heal whatever ails 🙂 I hope you enjoy this soup and I hope you share it with a friend.

IMG_5789 (1).jpg

Chik’n Noodle Soup


4 cups vegetable broth (chicken-less flavor, if you can find it)

1 large carrot, sliced into…

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