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Duped by Saul Kassin

True Crime Index

Saul Kassin’sDuped: Why Innocent People Confess and Why We Believe Their Confessions(Prometheus Books, 2022) is a part of the growing body of literature that discusses false confessions, the psychology behind false accusations, and the injustice that is baked into the American judicial system. What I think this book is doing differently is explaining why false confessions are so easily believed and, even more alarmingly, how false confessions can poison every other piece of evidence in a case.

Saul Kassin is a social psychologist and professor, specializing in evidence and trial procedure, as well as the scientific study off false confession. Kassin’s experience makes this book extremely effective. Kassin’s text makes several clear-cut arguments as it explains why innocent people confess, why we believe them, and what can be done to avoid the large numbers of false confessions that are taken in the United States each year…

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