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The Union Generals Speak

Student of the American Civil War

With this book, editor Bill Hyde gives us transcripts of the testimonies US generals gave to the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War regarding the battle of Gettysburg. Along the way Hyde provides his own comment to put the testimony in perspective and provides his interpretations of the testimony and the actions of the committee. His basic argument is the mean Radical Republicans wanted to get Major General George G. Meade removed and replaced with his predecessor, Major General Joseph Hooker, and they were willing to manipulate the record to make that happen. His viewpoint is the Radicals looked askance at any Democratic general, unless of course that general was Joe Hooker or Dan Sickles, or any other Democratic general who disagreed with Meade’s actions at Gettysburg. He writes, “The hearings on Meade, then, were not simply exercises in fact gathering. Far from it. For the most part…

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