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Scorpions with Great White, Trixter

Knickerbocker Arena

Albany NY

April 22, 1991

The Scorpions have always been one of those bands that have flown under the radar for me.  While I have enjoyed them, I have rarely loved them.  This, even though they have authored some of the greatest songs in hard rock history.  Upon the coaxing of my then-girlfriend, who badly wanted to see opening band Trixter, I scored a couple of tickets for the Scorps’ Crazy World tour stop in Albany, NY.

Surprises come in many shapes and forms.  I’ve been surprised by wives and girlfriends that have informed me they didn’t want to be in a relationship with me anymore.  I’ve been startled by people quietly coming into the room.  I’ve been surprised when my trail camera didn’t pick up any new pictures despite being set up in an area conducive to deer activity.  And, I was pleasantly surprised by the solid and workmanlike performance turned in by the Scorpions at this show.  While I don’t always give them credit where it is due, this concert is one of the best I have ever been to.

The house lights went out and a smattering of strobe lights lit up the darkness, tastefully accompanied by the sound of thunder.  Once fully lit, the stage displayed long ramps on both sides of the drum riser, as the group tore into the lead single from the Crazy World album, Tease Me Please Me.  Klaus Meine’s high pitched vocals were in fine form as he led the group through new album cuts, Lust or Love, Hit Between the Eyes, Don’t Believe Her, and the not-yet huge hit, Wind of Change.  Not to be left out, some of the band’s earlier hits found their way into the first half of the show, including, Bad Boys Running Wild, The Zoo, and their cover of The Who hit, I Can’t Explain.

Visually, fans were treated to a blinding light and laser show that effectively reflected the mood of the song being played.  Meanwhile, Meine commanded the stage with his presence and vocal prowess.  While lead guitarist Matthias Jabs, bassist Francis Buchholz, and drummer Herman Rarebell personified the solid but unspectacular charisma the Scorpions hold in my mind, it was rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker who fans had difficulty taking their eyes off.  Schenker bounced around the stage like a giddy school child, playfully interacting with fans and never taking his foot off the gas pedal.

The second half of the show saw more hits and deep cuts, such as Rhythm of Love, Blackout, Coast to Coast, Can’t Live Without You, Dynamite, and the main set closer, Holiday.  Not close to being finished, the band returned for the classic four song encore of Big City Nights, No One Like You, Still Loving You, and Rock You Like a Hurricane.  From the guitar solo to the end of the finale, the lighting rig transformed into the shape of a giant scorpion, a very cool effect for 1991.

I was originally reluctant to buy a ticket for this show, only relenting as a young guy wanting to appease his girl.  I suppose I thought by doing so, and bringer her to see Trixter, I may be rewarded in the end, and if memory serves me correctly, I was indeed.  However, the biggest reward was being able to witness a longstanding and professional rock and roll band such as the Scorpions.

Scorpions Setlist:

Tease Me Please Me

Lust or Love

Bad Boys Running Wild

Make It Real

Hit Between the Eyes

The Zoo

Wind of Change

I Can’t Explain

Don’t Believe Her

Rhythm of Love


Concerto in V

Coast to Coast

Can’t Live Without You




Big City Nights

No One Like You

Still Loving You

Rock You Like a Hurricane

Show opener Trixter was the newcomer to the hard rock scene in 1991 and the New Jersey quartet delivered a brief set solely from their self-titled debut, including the MTV hits, One in a Million and Give It To Me Good.  Meanwhile, blues rock veterans Great White, reaching the waning moments of their peak in popularity, and long before their career-defining involvement in the tragic Station night club fire in Rhode Island, delivered a solid set that combined tracks from their newly-released album Hooked, as well as hits from previous records, including, Mista Bone, Save Your Love, and Once Bitten Twice Shy.

Trixter Setlist:

Bad Girl

Heart of Steel

Play Rough

Ride the Whip

One in a Million

Line of Fire

Give it to Me Good

Great White Setlist:

Call It Rock ‘n’ Roll

All Over Now

Cold Hearted Lovin’

Mista Bone

Desert Moon

Save Your Love

Can’t Shake It

Once Bitten Twice Shy

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