Chocolate Fudge Cake

Everyone should try this!

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Good morning lovelies, hope everyone is OK! It has been a very frustrating week 😤 sadly, we’ve had to throw away quite a lot of our things as we noticed whilst packing that they’d been ruined by black mold which seems to have spread throughout the house (we think this could be the reason why we’ve been so ill) so there haven’t been many happy moments, as some of the things we’ve had to get rid of held special memories, so it’s been sad to say goodbye to them. Another thing that happened, which only occurred yesterday, was my dad and I were almost involved in a road accident as a bus decided to suddenly cut across in front of our car as we were driving past it causing my dad to swerve and halt to a stop, luckily neither of us were seriously injured (just a sore shoulder from…

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Recipe: Triple Chocolate Loaf Cake with Chocolate Icing — Scandelights

As you probably know by now, tea time has become a very sacred ritual for us, mainly because my boyfriend is British and loves (!!) his cup of tea in the late afternoon early evening. And as we all know (right?), tea and cake go very well together. I grew up with tea and cake […]

Recipe: Triple Chocolate Loaf Cake with Chocolate Icing — Scandelights

Whittaker’s Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe — Good Magazine

This may be the next project I take on!

PREP TIME: 30 minCOOK TIME: 45 minSERVINGS: 12 INGREDIENTS CAKE 1 ½ cups plain white flour 1 cup caster sugar ½ cup cocoa powder 1 ¼ tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 1/3 cup neutral oil 1 tbsp vinegar (balsamic or white) 1 tsp vanilla 1 1/2 cup cooled coffee CHOCOLATE GANACHE ICING 2x blocks (200g) Whittaker’s 45% Rich Cocoa Chocolate 1 cup Cream METHOD CAKE Preheat […]

Whittaker’s Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe — Good Magazine
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