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Would A Chimp Do This?

Fulfilling my goal for proving our great ape friends may indeed be more advanced than the human being. It’s really not all that close.


If the chimpanzees were given their chance

To come out of the barrel

And leave their mark on this world

The way it is today

To lead the nations

This nation

Would they be able to find common ground?

Communicate through their differences

and recognize the whole is greater than the sum of the parts?

Find a way to love one another

regardless of affiliation or personal views?

Would they whine about trivial “hardships” that seem petty?

Or understand and empathize with those around the world that are TRULY suffering?

Would they ignore others’ pain as long as it didn’t affect them

in the ultimate display of selfishness?

Even if their penchant for flinging their own feces is too great for cessasion

Could they possibly screw this planet up any more than humans?

I do not believe so

It’s time for the chimpanzees to have their chance