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Chicken Marsala Pasta

Aly Eats Food

This is a twist on the classic chicken marsala but is way more delicious in my opinion. It took me a few attempts to get this recipe just right – they first I used spaghetti noodles and it just didn’t work well – the noodles almost soaked up all of the creamy, mushroomy sauce. Initially I also didn’t coat and pan fry the chicken, but this really turned the dish up a notch and didn’t take much more time to do. This dish was like a warm hug on a cold night and I couldn’t get enough of it. This dish has all the classics – mushrooms, marsala wine, and of course chicken, just a fun twist! The breaded and pan fried chicken really makes this dish – I love the crispness that comes through and pairs perfectly with the soft mushrooms and creamy sauce. I could definitely eat this…

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Chicken Marsala —

My Meals are on Wheels

Pan-fried chicken breast, tender Portobello mushrooms, shallots, and garlic glazed in a rich marsala wine bone broth sauce. WHAT’S GOING  ON HERE: Chicken breast: chicken breast is probably the most standard cut for chicken marsala. if you have other cuts on hand feel free to use them. darker meat tends to have more fat so…

Chicken Marsala —

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