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Spring migration has started

Bird Watching Curaçao

Male Scarlet tanager on the island. Photo by Michelle Pors-da Costa Gomez

Spring migration of birds has started and slowly but surely some of the ‘usual suspects’ are coming to the island to replenish their fat reserves before flying back towards North America for the start of the 2022 breeding season.

True, the fall migration is the most varied in terms of species and numbers of birds visiting the island to find food, water, and a spot to rest before continuing the journey from North America to the south. But that doesn’t mean spring can not bring an interesting lot of species to the island, both those going back to North America and some species that are escaping the southern hemisphere where autumn is starting.

Some of these migrants have shocks of color, making you doubt your sanity when seen during a hike in nature on the island. Stay on…

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If you are looking for a new food to offer your birds, mealworms are a great choice! They are not only nutritious, but they also attract birds that don’t eat the typical feeder foods, such as sunflower seeds and peanuts. 1,824 more words

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Bird by Bird

Backyard Bird Nerd

Not only is the title of this post a great book on writing (a classic by Anne Lamott, and definitely worth a read if you find pleasure in connecting words creatively!), it’s also the way I attempt to increase the variety of birds that visit my backyard.

I know creating a secure and well established bird habitat doesn’t happen overnight, so I tweak things here and there – like adding more water or extra shelter – and then rejoice when another bird feels safe enough to stop by.

Like this lovely lady who dropped in last night.

At my last house, Cardinals were so commonplace at the feeders that I took them for granted. But here, I’m having to make some changes to entice them. So I was thrilled when this sweet gal saw me standing there with the camera and still chose to land and perch.

She seemed content…

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9 Ways to Attract Nesting Birds (AND help them thrive!) — Bird Watching HQ

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9 Ways to Attract Nesting Birds (AND help them thrive!) — Bird Watching HQ