Parking Lot Winter Tree

Let's Paint Nature!

winter tree drawing

Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of the car. Maybe it’s cold, rainy, or maybe you just feel tired and the thought of hiking with art supplies doesn’t seem appealing. It’s okay to sketch from the car.

traveling art supplies

That’s what I did the other day. Originally, I was just going to make a nice drawing and leave it at that, but at the last minute pulled out the watercolor field kit. These supplies I keep in the glove compartment in my car so that I have them where ever I go.

to color? or not to color?

After I painted the tree with watercolors, I doubted my decision to do so…should I have left it alone? With or without color, it was a great exercise. And it quelled my desire for creative time.

view from the car

Here was my reference from the…

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Before Sunset Landscape Painting – Mixed Media

Indrani Ghosh

Just finished this new landscape painting.

*Size: 14″x 14″
*Original Rustic handmade mixed media acrylic painting with texture on canvas board by brush and palette knife.
*Made by me – Indrani Ghosh. This is not a copy or a print.
*Signature on the back.

To hang this painting on the wall you will need a frame.


The painting is available at

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Book Update

Inspired Creativity

I’m trying to put out a couple of illustrations a week for my book on back country canoeing and kayaking and so far I have 50 that I’m happy with. I’m not sure how many illustrations I’m going to need and I’m sure some of them will not get included in the book for one reason or another so my goal is to have a whole slew to choose from.

As I work on the small watercolour paintings, I am thinking about what I want the book to look like as far as layout. I know I want lots of illustrations and when I began, I thought I wouldn’t have a lot of text. What’s happening is that my mind goes back to the trips we’ve done and I end up including things I wasn’t planning on including. So there is a whole lot more text than I had anticipated…

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The Night Watchman – Watercolour

jo fox - adventures in art

This week I decided to try to paint something quite quickly since I’m still unwell. So I painted this forest scene with no sketching, no planning (except some planning in my head) and three brushes –

  • a hake brush for the background wash (this is a big flat brush which is great for covering big areas).
  • an old mop brush for the undergrowth and bushes (this is a scruffy blobby fat little brush which is great for textures).
  • a rigger for the trees (this is a brush with really long thin soft bristles and is great for drawing lines).

I painted a graded wash for the background going from a French Ultramarine (dulled with a tiny bit of Payne’s Grey) through a Winsor Blue (with a hint of Phalo blue) to Paynes Grey (with a tiny bit of Phalo blue as well.)

Then, once it was dried I added some…

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Watching landscape painting

cindy moon mckee

If at first I don’t succeed…at painting a landscape, maybe the thousandth attempt will be good. I’ve been watching the videos of Stuart Davies, a tonalism landscape painter (nowadays) and trying to soak up some techniques. Today, I tried an afternoon landscape:

Doesn’t really work on absorbent paper with leftover quick-drying acrylic. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try it the right way.

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works and descriptions


The blue sea world in the flower fields of the hilly soil complex is Drawn with dark watercolor mixed with dark, complex colors, various backgrounds to the foreground in various imaginary details. It looks very charming. I like to mix colors on the mountain green and red in another way. The sea is mixed with a little blue and white. Adjacent to a field of flowers, various plants, it looks friendly, the world is beautiful, dreams, imagination, peace, good atmosphere, I hope you all will experience, walk and consider for yourself. Welcome to the Friday afternoon weekend. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

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