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Another Sale of a Favorite Mountain Oil Painting

Be sure to check this work out!

Kendall Kessler Art

Bull Mountain Original 14″ x 11″ oil painting SOLD

Wall Art Prints and Prints on just about anything are available at this link

Well, we did dodge the virus! Yea! Only two of the wedding guests contracted Covid and they are feeling better.

My mother-in-law is not doing so well. She refused to get the vaccine and now has Covid. She has been in the hospital since lastWednesday and she is very ill. Her blood oxygen is still too low so hopefully it will be up soon. She is on oxygen and that should help.

On a brighter note, I am so pleased to sell another mountain painting to a great Virginia patron! Bull Mountain is one of my favorite impasto oil paintings and I am sorry to see it go but, like I always say, I live to paint but I can’t take them with me…

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Valley Forge, PA

Today’s random artistic re-blog. Tugs at my heartstrings when a little History is included!

Jean Krueger Fine Art

Autumn is upon Valley Forge. The stone barn shown here was built and added to in the 19th c. It has the remnants of a Palladian window in the wall below the ridge, dating it to the Federalist era of architecture.

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8 x 10 Watercolor Fall Foliage Painting

Natalie C Smith Art

Had to pull out the watercolors today! Been far too long. I’ve been having so much fun working with the mixed media ideas that I haven’t actually painted for awhile.

Did this 8 x 10 quick and loose fall foliage painting. Tried a piece of Grumbacher 140 lb paper. I believe this was the first time I actually tried using it for a straight watercolor painting. It has a rough surface but different rough from like an Arches paper. It did hold up to a very wet wash and I hadn’t stretched it prior to working.

I felt like I really just relaxed and had fun with the paint instead of trying to produce a perfect finished painting. Turns out I am really happy with the outcome of this one!

Until next time…….Happy fall to all

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Fisherman’s Island – December Thaw

I simply love this type of painting. Can’t do it. At all. But I appreciate through the talents of others!

Margie Guyot Art

“Fisherman’s Island – December Thaw” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

After days (and weeks) of dreary, dark skies and blowing snow, we hit a heat wave — up into the 40’s. And blue skies! I decided to drive around and find a spot to do a plein air field study instead of stagnating in my studio, working on my still life, with the cats constantly begging me for treats. I needed airing out big-time. Fisherman’s Island State Park is just south of Charlevoix and if you go there in winter, you’d better have 4WD. The road isn’t plowed and it’s full of ruts. Even a downed tree across the road couldn’t keep some of us hardy souls away.

I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera along. It would have been a good “action shot”. I’d set up right…

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Another oil painting completed.

I love oil landscapes. I wish I was able to do this, but, alas, it’s going to be well out of reach for my creative talents. At least I get to appreciate other’s art.


I completed my oil painting which was going on for some time now. I painted it step by step in layers, taking pictures along the way. Click here to see the initial sketch,underpainting,the step by step process and now I proudly present to you the complete oil painting.

Oil on canvas

It took me around 2-3 months to complete this one and I have one more exciting painting which is currently on the back burner as I’m just not able to make time for it. Do check it out if you want to see something really awesome shaping up.

I also do a lot of watercolor paintings in case you want to check it out and if you liked my art, then please don’t forget to like, and subscribe to my blog.


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