On My Pillow


When I put my head on my pillow

The magic starts

I meet people

People far more interesting and kind than in real life



Family and friends

Blemishes in character voided

Debts are nonexistent

Mine and theirs

New loves spellbinding

Some brand new; some recurring

But all miraculous and mythical just the same

I don’t know them but I love them unconditionally

I wake ready to take on the world

For just a mere moment

Until the realization

That it wasn’t real

I plod through the day

I can’t wait to put my head on my pillow tonight



Crashing Waves

Sweet salt smell perforates my senses

The boardwalk


You were the difference that summer

Eight weeks of breathtaking bliss

Your hand in mine

Our lips intertwined


We made a promise

To each other

A commitment

It felt so right

But a commitment under the stars of a teenage summer

Hardly carries the weight of a binding agreement

Such commitments harbor puncture wounds

Fissures that lead directly to heartbreak

For one or both sides

Letters pledging undying and enduring love come rapidly

In the days following those amazing eight weeks

However, written allegiances cannot sustain

They wilt under the increasing cooler temperatures

Death comes quick to such allegiances by first snowfall

All that is left is the empty boardwalk


They know it’s me

It’ll be confirmed soon

Maybe not today

Or tomorrow

Or next week

But I must watch behind me

Had I known of this borrowed time I would have used it more wisely

Bettered myself

Into the person who never would have done this

Now I see the writing on the wall

The fire burns deep in the pit of my innards

Clammy, sweaty hands

An exhausted and overworked mind

What will it look like

When they finally come for me

Alter my fate

All that is left is to tell as many people as possible how much I love them

Thank them for their friendship and endearment

For I am unlikely to see them again


It was over

Despite a good run

My heart no longer fluttered

Not in her direction, anyway

My affection led me astray

Into the arms of a new beloved

Demanded my burning attention

It was the right path

At that time

Ah, time

The undefeated and unbeatable arch nemisis

Time always proves to be correct

It points out that fluttering hearts change over time

Or that we neglect the warning signs at that moment of clear decision

Signs that may not be seen for years

But they will emerge

And once again, time will point its accusatory finger at you


Flaunting its perfect record

And you’ll be left picking up the pieces

Until next time

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