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Tea Bag Challenge Week #17

Natalie C Smith Art

Posting a previously painted piece for the tea bag challenge this week. This was done some time back on one of the prepared tea bags mounted on to watercolor paper and gesso’ed. I used a limited palette of I think only two colors and tried following the marks on the tea bag. This landscape, pathway and mountain came to be. This piece measures about 6 x 3.5 in size.

Haven’t shared any “studio” work this week as when I was able to have some time I am working on a personal piece for myself. Would love to share it but it is a family tree piece which I’m doing as a mixed media collage on canvas. Due to the nature of the photos included I don’t want to post without getting permission from the individuals!

Hope everyone is having a creative and fulfilling week doing what you love!

Until next…

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