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Barbara Blount

L.R. Gordan's Crime Writing

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In the spring of 2008, a 58 year old woman named Barbara Blount was living a seemingly ordinary and peaceful life in Holden, Louisiana, a small town in Livingston Parish. She taught Sunday school at a local church and although she had been a widow for four years, she had several family members still living nearby and with whom she spent much of her time. Her adult son and daughter, Ricky and Kristie, lived along the same rural road as their mother. Her sister Sarah also lived in town, and Barbara frequently drove Sarah to her medical appointments. She had at least one nephew, Raymond, who lived nearby as well. She kept chicken and cattle on her property, and was generally described as a cautious and quiet person. She liked to work outdoors on her farm, collect dolls, and host regular dinners for her family members at…

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